MGCH Chapter 146

Translator: Cheese

Proofreader/editor: Piper

Reality (4)

System: “Ding, the host as purchased a full-range protective shield. Please enjoy.”

Bai Weiwei freaked out: “What’s the difference between buying and forced selling?”

An Le stood on the lighthouse by the sea with binoculars in his hand, watching the out of control car heading toward the cliff.

It was Bai Weiwei who he had kidnapped from the hospital.

Bai Chang Yan was already suspecting Bai Yaoyao, so the hospital was being protected by the Bai Family’s bodyguards.

But he didn’t doubt the An Le who was in charge of the Bai family’s security, so it was easy to create a plan to kidnap Bai Weiwei.

An Le smiled coldly as he watched the car fly off the cliff… fly… fly…

Fly to heaven?!

An Le rubbed his eyes and looked through the binoculars again.

The car was soaring across the sea, with the spirit of a seagull.

An Le: “…”

For a moment, his outlook on life was devastated.

The second-hand car he bought, was actually a modified private plane?

The phone rang, and An Le’s fingers trembled.

Bai Yaoyao asked excitedly, “Did the car fall into the sea?”

An Le: “No, it’s flying.”

Bai Yaoyao’s smiled stiffened. “What?”

As An Le was about to continue, he suddenly heard something approaching.

He looked up and saw the car flying at him.

The car hit the lighthouse directly, crushing An Le down below, and the scene of the accident was born.

Bai Weiwei sat stunned in the car. Was this the full-range protective shield?

She didn’t cross into the world of Harry Potter1, right?

The door was opened before Bai Weiwei could come to her senses.

Bai Weiwei looked up, frightened.

A man with a bloody head and piercing eyes pulled out a gun.

Bai Weiwei was tied to the seat and couldn’t move.

“Well, at least the protection is still working.”

System replied calmly: “It’s not working.”

Bai Weiwei: She couldn’t stand this system being so blunt.

An Le wiped the blood off his face. The wound was still bleeding, and he was a little confused, but he could still kill an immobile Bai Weiwei.

Bai Weiwei, finally able to see who it was, gritted her teeth. “An Le, I don’t get it. Do you have to kill me?”

An Le’s finger was stiff, and there was a hint of hesitation on his face. But eventually, he still looked up and stared at Bai Weiwei.

“I’m sorry, Miss, but I can’t let her down2.”

He owed Bai Yaoyao his life. He had to protect her.

Bai Weiwei felt cold. She laughed sarcastically. “That’s just great. You can’t let down Bai Yaoyao, so you’ll have me framed. Has your conscience been eaten by dogs?”

System: “Don’t eat dog sh*t like this.”

There was a sign of a struggle in An Le’s eyes, but he eventually raised his gun.

“I’m sorry, Miss. Please don’t stand in her way.”

Bai Weiwei smiled coldly, but suddenly she was dumbfounded as she saw something behind An Le.

Were those… helicopters?

An Le also heard the sound coming from behind him. He picked up the gun and immediately tried to shoot Bai Weiwei.

Bai Weiwei’s face was full of fright. “Bai Yaoyao… Bai Yaoyao is flying behind you.”

An Le was shocked and didn’t kill her. He immediately turned back.

A car could fly in the sky, so how unusual could it be for Bai Yaoyao to fly as well?

Because of An Le’s delay, the man in the helicopter could see the gun An Le held in his hand. Without hesitation, he raised his sniper rifle and shot An Le in the chest.

An Le knew he had missed his best chance to kill Bai Weiwei. He immediately gave up, turned around, and jumped under the lighthouse.

1: For those who have not read or watched the Harry Potter series, in “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,” Harry and his friend Ron miss the train to Hogwarts and decide to take Ron’s flying car to make it to school lol

2: 不能对不起她 I kept getting “can’t say sorry” and I was like ????? for SO LONG translating in a language that you have no experience in is so hard. _(:3」∠)_ 

Cheese’s corner: These last few chapters have been such a struggle bc of system OF COURSE when it says lines outside its usual “ding” messages they have to be long-winded and confusing *cries* at least it does motivate me to try learning chinese in the future.

Piper’s corner: Lol, I thought it said ‘jumped off the lighthouse’ I was like, “Welp, he just committed suicide… oh wait ‘under the lighthouse’” very different meanings XD For you Americans, Enjoy your three day weekend, for everyone else, see you next arc!


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  1. F*uuu*ckkk. I reealllly hate the male leads in this story. HEARTLESS BASTARDS. Bo wonder the mc keeps hurting them to death!

      1. So this is a novel for S people, right? I know I wasn’t wrong ah, but why do I keep feeling this is a story for Ms?

  2. So I was scrolling down on my phone yesterday when I suddenly got a notification that I have a strange download. It was actually the chapters (147-211)for the next arc in MGCH. I was confused as to why I got it but nonetheless, happy at the same time. Did someone else also experience this?

      1. I dunno,thats why I asked here if anybody else got it😅. Because of this I got to read the next arc in advance and it was already fully translated and only needs a bit more editing. I’m thankful though.

    1. we have a new collaborator and very hardworking at that, she translated the whole arc 4 and is currently moving to other arcs. Arc 4 has already been edited and ready to be posted, but right now Piper is drowning in homework so she can’t post anything for now. But expect a nice mass release one of these days when she is freer ^^

      As for why the chapters suddenly downloaded in your phone… that shall remain a mistery

  3. I seriously dislike the ML in this story. Life seems worth as cheap as an ant in his eyes, including his own fiance. I’m happy he is tortured by the dreams. Now, I rather ship MC and the doctor. Thanks for the chapter desu~

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