MGCH Chapter 148

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 Du Zhu and the Empress Dowager’s Various Matters (2)

When Bai Weiwei heard the notification, she was taken aback by the -50 favorability.

The memories had not arrived yet, so she did not yet know who the man in front of her was or what kind of hatred they ultimately shared between them.

The man seemed to be aware of Bai Weiwei’s fear, he coldly hooked his lips.

“Bai Zhao said that he wanted to see your face before he died. As I have always been kind, I have granted his wish. This face of yours should have been seen for a sufficient length of time, so I will send him off first.”

Not waiting for Bai Weiwei to arrange her words, the man got up and walked over calmly. Now that he left the sun’s back-lighting his appearance was at last discernible.

His complexion was as white as porcelain, but his eyes were exceptionally black, and the darkness within them seemed to be bottomless, it was thoroughly chilling.

The face was very beautiful, though it wasn’t a beauty that distinguished between male and female. A teardrop mole on the corner of his right eye made him appear even more refined.

This kind of splendor wasn’t a handsome type of comeliness, but it also did not contain any female charm. Rather it was so cold it reminded others of a snake.

He reached for his weapon, and a sword light flashed down.

The head of the flayed man rolled to Bai Weiwei’s feet.

Bai Weiwei only felt goosebumps climb from the soles of her feet to the top of her head.

This vibe was so heavy that it could crush her.

So horrifying, ah!

The man took out his handkerchief and leisurely wiped the blood off his sword. After wiping, he threw the handkerchief aside and turned back to observe Bai Weiwei’s pale face.

He wore a mocking smile, an unspeakably menacing smile.

“Is the Empress Dowager afraid?”

He walked slowly to her, reached out and lifted her chin.

“Don’t be afraid, this has only just started. How can it be unbearable already?”

His whispered voice contained a tempting passion, as tender as if he were speaking to the one he loved the most dearly.

Bai Weiwei was stiff, her eyelashes trembled, and her attractive face was bloodless.

The man humphed and seemed to sigh that this woman wasn’t any different.

He let go of her chin, turned, and was just about to leave when he noticed that his clothes were caught.

“That…” Bai Weiwei said a little embarrassed.

He whirled back, frigid and indifferent.

“Your clothes are stained with blood.”

The man glanced at her carelessly. He was covered in enough blood that he looked as though he crawled out of hell. Was this woman frightened so much that she only now realized it?

Bai Weiwei pointed to the piece of cloth behind his butt. “This place will make others misunderstand.”

It will make people misunderstand that you are a girl dressed as a man having a visit from her aunt.1

The man didn’t react at first, but his mind was always suspicious and sensitive. Just blinking and knowing where she was pointing.

Was this, an insult to him?

The man pivoted and pressed Bai Weiwei into the chair in an instant. His expression was filled with anger.

“It seems that you still don’t know your position, wretch. You are all now mere ants beneath my feet, I can ruin you with a single light step.”

Bai Weiwei pursed her lips, her body was shuddering, but her eyes looked at him with an awful stubbornness.

The man’s finger caressed her eyelids, “Look at me like this again, and I will help you dig out these eyes.”

The system’s notification sounded at the same time.

【Memory transmission starting, host receive it.】

The familiar headache made Bai Weiwei frown, and a cold sweat broke out from her forehead.

When she realized what the original owner had done, she couldn’t help but gaze into the man’s eyes with pity.

Too cruel.

Inhumane, no man’s path, ah.

The man’s fingers suddenly hit her neck. The fingertips grazed gently, and the blood seeped out from her skin.

“What is that look? Sympathy? Compassion? Or is it, fear for your own end?”

Bai Weiwei did not dare to move, she was worried that if she moved, the male lead would directly cut her head off.

The man grew bored. He let go of her, spun and left.

Bai Weiwei had shrunk shivering in the chair, she was really anxious.

This broken head, the skinless body, the blood of the ground.

System: “Calm, calm.”

Bai Weiwei finally couldn’t stand it. “How can this be done? The original owner had this guy’s jj2 cut off, ah.”

1: Aunt=Chinese slang term for menstruation

2: jj=short for jiji=short for jiba=Chinese slang term for penis.


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  1. Bai Weiwei finally couldn’t stand it. “How can this be done? The original owner had this guy’s jj2 cut off, ah.”

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