MGCH Chapter 150

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Du Zhu and the Empress Dowager’s Various Matters (4)

The system flipped through its collection of receipts and did not speak.

Bai Weiwei was tense and prayed with both hands. “Heavens ah, give me the pinnacle of martial arts power. Do not just give me the strength to overturn the city, let me overturn all beings.”

The system was speechless.

It said: “The Side Quest reward, you get a heavenly escape monkey, it will send you to heaven1.”

Bai Weiwei: “…”

System chuckled: “Just kidding. Ding, the system rewards the white lotus aura, the payment is completed.”

Bai Weiwei was silent, and her eyes calmed down.

The system worried that she would take things too hard, and she really would hang herself in front of Mu Yanjun’s door. It advised: “No matter, it’s okay, the favorability is only at -50. -50 means that the male lead thinks about how to kill you hundreds of times a day, and won’t let you have a fast death. Think of how to toss aside that kind of hate that wants to see you dead. You just work hard, brush up his favorability, and complete the task.”

The system was like a math teacher saying: ‘Come on, math is not terrible. Let’s take an example. One plus one equals two. Very good, you already understand the basic principles of mathematics. Come, please prove why one plus one is equal to two.’

What a trough of lies.

Bai Weiwei pondered for a while and finally said: “I recall that the original owner and Mu Yanjun are not familiar with with each other.”

System: “Unfamiliar, the male lead only knows that this woman had his jj cut and made him become a eunuch, so every time he was bullied, he would charge the account to the original owner.”

Which was to say, Mu Yanjun had never seen Bai Weiwei.

With the exception of when he showed her this skinned corpse.

Bai Weiwei clapped, “This is good, if he was too familiar, he would not be fooled when I change my character.”

The system was puzzled.

Bai Weiwei imitated the dog headed system. “Come, I will let you see a spotless and moving little white lotus.”

– – – – – – – – – –

The bloody smell spread freely.

All the officials on the scene were silent and terrified, stiff as statues.

The only one who sat, Mu Yanjun, lazily leaned against the chair and tapped the chair’s armrest carelessly.

His eyes were slightly slanted, and the delicate corners of his eyes were raised, bringing out a few shades of darkness.

“All men everywhere wait on the Emperor. We all know that the Emperor is young and can’t be frightened. Will you run to the Emperor’s residence in a big way, shouting and killing, wouldn’t that be rebellious?”

The last sentence was both wicked and ruthless, making everyone chilled.

Dozens of officials were present, kneeling. They were not involved in the Bai family, but they had still harmed the Mu family.

They were also desperate, and wanted to enter the palace to grab the Emperor tonight. Hoping they could save themselves.

As for the result, Mu Yanjun was already sitting outside the Emperor’s residence, waiting for them to get hooked.

An official trembled and said: “We just wanted to see the Emperor.”

Mu Yanjun’s mouth was rising, as though he was smiling and laughing, but his tone was extremely icy. “Oh, taking a blade to see the Emperor. It seems that you find this palace too bland, wanting to use your own blood to add color.”

An official couldn’t stand it. He yelled: “Traitor, you placed the Emperor under house arrest. Everyone knows that you are a rebellious eunuch. You will meet a poor death sooner or later.”

Mu Yanjun tapped fingers on the armrest and his face sank like water. He smiled intently and suddenly chuckled “Good, then I will send you a ride. Let you go and talk to King Yama2, convince him to come to take my life earlier.”

When he finished, he lifted his hand and said in an arctic tone: “Kill them all for me.”

The guards who had been standing by for a while pulled out their swords and stained the palace with blood in an instant.

Mu Yanjun got up and heard the scared cry of the little Emperor in the palace, his mood got a little better.

But when he thought of others calling him a eunuch, his eyes dulled and his emotions turned violent.

1: Don’t look at me like that, I translated it right… probably. The system is speaking nonsense as a joke… I think. < – this is BWW telling is what the system sounds like I think.

2: King Yama, or Yanluo, is the god of death in Chinese mythology. He judges newly deceased souls, and depending on their actions in life, will reward them with good fortune in their reincarnation or punish them with torture or misfortune in their next life. Although he is based on the god Yama from Hinduism, he himself is a prominent figure of Buddhism.


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