MGCH Chapter 153

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Du Zhu and the Empress Dowager’s Various Matters (7)

Mu Yanjun only sensed that a fragrant wind hit him, followed by soft and warm body contact. He lost his spirit for a moment.

Bai Weiwei had already reached out to grab. She intended to take out the short blade he had just put away and attempt suicide again. When falsely seeking death, one must seek death thoroughly, lest one raise suspicion.

But the movements were too fast, and couldn’t be seen clearly. She had only shifted a little, then her hands caught…

Soft? This bit of weight?


Mu Yanjun shivered, and his irritation made him appear sullen.

Bai Weiwei: Say, isn’t this his jj? Say, isn’t he an imperial eunuch?

Was this some sort of joke in her hand?

【Ding, congratulations to the host on opening the branch quest, please complete the task of Mu Yanjun’s jj big manly extension exhibition1. The first stage of the task, discovering Mu Yanjun’s jj has been completed, please continue to work hard. Forgot to ask, is the host willing to accept the branch task.】

Bai Weiwei roared at the system: “Whoever wants to pick up this kind of inexplicable ghost task will be beaten yellow. Refused.”

【Ding, the host refused the task. Ding, refused to refuse. The host has accepted the task, refueling lalala~】

Bai Weiwei: “…”

Could this system be any more shameless?

Mu Yanjun’s pupils contracted. His hand slipped across his waist, and pulled out the short blade, just about to cut off her troublesome hands.

Perhaps because of nervousness Bai Weiwei’s fingers couldn’t help but apply a little force.

Mu Yanjun made a soft moan, a strange numbness suddenly came over him.

His mood deviated. His eyes became deeper, and while his complexion was very pale, there was a faint blush emerging.

The weapon in his hand hesitated, despite not being his first time severing a limb.

Bai Weiwei had released his part. She didn’t look as though she realized what happened, she didn’t seem to know what she just touched.

She appeared sorrowful and her thin body was shrinking. But when she glared at Mu Yanjun, her eyes were very clear and her posture was straight. The white lotus aura made her inviolable.

“Just kill me, I believe that the world will give me a fair judgment. I am clear, clean and pure while alive, and I will be clear, clean and pure when dead. I am a member of the Bai family, not just someone you can open your mouth and dirty.”

When Mu Yanjun saw her vow in such a manner, there was a moment of doubt as to whether he was killing the wrong enemy.

The Bai family members were not all greedy, afraid of death, scandalous, corrupt and ugly before dying?

Mu Yanjun tried to calm down his impatient heart. He smiled coldly and his voice was depressed. It was very dark.

“You talk so much about my mouth, I will cut your mouth first.”

When he finished speaking, he noticed that something was wrong.

A lowered head, Bai Weiwei had already fainted on the ground. Her face was pale, her brows furrowed and beaded with sweat.

It seemed that her body was unable to hold up. She had been struggling to endure, but ultimately collapsed.

Mu Yanjun only sensed that his heart was loaded with hot air. When he was destroying the Bai Family he had vented and felt very comfortable, as a result, only half of the hot air remained. Unexpectedly his venting was blocked off by Bai Weiwei. Unable to settle this account as she had passed out, he experienced a sensation similar to a few knives being dug into his chest.

There was none of the expected pleasure from avenging his great hatred.

Merely endless grievances.

This woman who made him so miserable, she actually said, she did not know him?

Mu Yanjun pulled her up, then dragged her out of the room and threw her onto the porch outside the door.

It was snowing outside and was freezing.

The person who was waiting outside looked at Mu Yanjun and immediately moved to the chair and waited for him to sit down.

Mu Yanjun said coldly: “Let me see how innocent you are. Come and splash water for me.”

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