MGCH Chapter 154

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Du Zhu and the Empress Dowager’s Various Matters (8)

Bai Weiwei was originally unconscious. When the bucket of ice water poured down, the biting cold made her shiver. Her eyelids fluttered, and she finally woke up.

She knelt weakly on the ground as the snow fell on her. Her eyes wet because of the ice water revealed a little confusion. There was a breathtaking kind of pure beauty.

Mu Yanjun stared at her, searching for any trace of cowardice on her face.

But no.

The bewilderment in her eyes faded, and in its place a strong temperament appeared.

Mu Yanjun really hated this kind of strength.

The more strength she had, the more she indicated that the ten years of humiliation he suffered at the hands of the Bai family were in vain.

When this woman saw him she should have unreasonably cried out for mercy, extremely lowly and hideous.

She even dared to act as though she was the one enduring injustice.

If she wore this kind of expression, wasn’t she slapping his face?

Wasn’t that telling him that even if he was already standing in the highest position, in her eyes, he was still nothing?

“Splash her for me,” Mu Yanjun sat, his pair of sinister eyes staring at her face.

He didn’t believe that such a highborn lady who had never tasted bitterness, could withstand this kind of punishment.

Another bucket of ice water cascaded onto Bai Weiwei, and she shuddered violently.

Snow continued to fall. With this extremely low temperature, she could lose her life.

Bai Weiwei felt that she could rise to heaven in the next breath.

She knocked on the system: “I think that I am almost finished, go find the next host.”

System: “If you beg for forgiveness, the male lead may stop throwing water.”

Bai Weiwei sneered: “You don’t understand his corrupted heart. Why do you think that he has -50 favorability, but he still isn’t killing me? He still can’t reconcile my crystal clear and clean as jade, noble and elegant even when facing death persona. He’s waiting for me to plead for clemency before he goes off. If I were to beg for mercy, once he saw my unsightliness, he will think that I only amounted to that much. Then you can believe he would happily chop me up like meat.”

System: Why does the host know about corruption.

Bai Weiwei: “If I don’t ask for a pardon, I can still live a little longer.”

The system looked through some data. “With your current physical condition, you can already apply for a life subsistence guarantee from the system library.”

【Ding, the host’s life subsistence guarantee has arrived, please accept.】

Bai Weiwei accepted, and the pain in her body faded away.

System: “For one day, you will experience no pain. As long as you do not suffer a mortal wound, nothing can make you die.”

Bai Weiwei shed grateful tears for Zero.

System: “After the mission is completed, five days of life will be deducted.”

Bai Weiwei had no expression.

Mu Yanjun stood by and watched as Bai Weiwei was tortured by ice water.

But his heart was stabbed with a thorn.

Why didn’t she beg for mercy, even if there was just a trace of fear on her face, it would do. If she looked like this, wasn’t that setting him up as the despicable villain.

Another bucket of ice water was poured, Bai Weiwei eyelashes trembled, but the clear eyes did not move.

Mu Yanjun got up and walked to her knees, stretched out his slender fingers and lifted her chin.

“As long as you admit that your Bai family is despicable. I will let you go, and allow you to continue to be the honorable Empress Dowager.”

Some people could still be unyielding in the face of punishment. But in the face of wealth and prosperity, it was not necessarily the case.

Bai Weiwei finally raised her head. Her eyes were like mirrors, reflecting his visage.

Suddenly she smiled. In this kind of snow, it was as warm as spring flowers.

“Mu Yanjun, I really pity you. Other than physical abuse, what else can you do? I am not afraid of death, because I am innocent.”

Mu Yanjun forced a nail and cut through the skin of her jaw, causing a bead of blood to seep out.

But Bai Weiwei did not flinch at all. “Look at yourself, you’re like an evil spirit.”


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