MGCH Chapter 163

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Du Zhu and the Empress Dowager’s Various Matters (17)

This sentence made Mu Yanjun quiver a little.

He actually felt very upset for a moment.

She hated him?

What was her qualification to hate him?

The way he treated her now, wasn’t this woman asking for it herself?

Mu Yanjun’s complexion was overcast and his eyes were stormy, even his expression was very ferocious.

“Hate me? You Bai family members, who in the world doesn’t hate you. When I eradicated the Bai family, who didn’t applaud me. Where did you find the face to hate me?”

Bai Weiwei suffered a heavy blow and her body was crumbling.

Suddenly she reached up and covered her mouth, and her body violently shuddered.

Mu Yanjun caught the scent of a trace of blood and his face changed, he immediately grabbed the hand covering her mouth.

It was overflowing with blood.

Bai Weiwei coughed again, and the blood leaked out of her mouth, it was so painful. She was dying and still stubbornly refused to speak.

Mu Yanjun was a mess, he picked her up in a princess carry1. He grabbed the black robes that he put aside, dressed her and rushed out with her.

“Call the imperial doctor.”

Even he did not notice how much anxiety was contained in his own voice.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at -5.】

“The Empress Dowager’s fury is harming her heart, compounding with the cold that previously infiltrated her. The hemoptysis2 occurred because the body wasn’t well supported.”

The imperial doctor bowed his head in a respectful manner and reported to Mu Yanjun.

“A patient with hemoptysis must be raised well, otherwise it will worsen, maybe…”

Mu Yanjun looked at him coldly, “Can’t cure?”

The imperial doctor said with some fear: “This is mainly based on the body’s constitution, cannot be tired, cannot harm the spirit.”

This ailment, it subsisted on raw emotion.

Mu Yanjun walked slowly to the bed and said to the doctor in a chilly voice, “Go on.”

The imperial doctor made his retreat with fear and trepidation.

The imperial doctor had just went out, and the little apprentice from the medical center came over to pick up the medicine chest.

The imperial doctor thought about how, just now, the eyes Mu Yanjun had used to look at Bai Weiwei. He was old with a lot of experience, and of course, he could see that in those eyes was desire for exclusive possession.

Those were the eyes of a man looking at a woman.

He only feared that the Empress Dowager would lose heart again.

The imperial doctor sighed: “Committing a sin, ah. Leave quick, things will change this day.”

After the imperial doctor went out, Mu Yanjun reached out and lifted Bai Weiwei’s jaw, forcing her sight on him.

Bai Weiwei slapped his hand and turned her head, not sparing him a glance at all.

Mu Yanjun thought that she had vomited blood just now, and her fretful feelings could still be lingering.

“If you are told the truth, you can’t bear it? Then how can you suffer the next means that I will use torture you?”

Bai Weiwei sank into silence.

Mu Yanjun saw her like this, and smiled openly.

“One doesn’t need to have their heart touched at all, to torture a person to a living death. As long as you insist on believing in something, once it’s broken, you can be miserable.”

She was not afraid of physical torture.

Then, he would force her to see clearly, what exactly the Bai family was.

Bai Weiwei looked up at him lethargically, her eyes bleak.

She didn’t have anything to say and turned her face away. No words, no speech.

Mu Yanjun used force on her jaw. Why wouldn’t she look at him?

Bai Weiwei did not have strength to resist. She could only follow him and shifted her face toward him.

But this time she lowered her eyes. In her eyes his image couldn’t be found.

Mu Yanjun originally felt a sense of accomplishment by dealing her a blow, as well as her appearance of enduring grievance and not wanting to live anymore.

Bai Weiwei suddenly smiled coldly. “What other methods do you want to torture me with?”

Mu Yanjun saw that because of her anger, her pale face was stained with a couple red clouds, and he couldn’t express how beautiful and gorgeous it was.

He couldn’t help but feel a little better.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at -…0. 】

System: The -50 that broke through history is gone. The favorability was increasing too quickly, it was like a tornado. One second, you die and I’ll live, the next second they will be a good couple. Really, his uncle’s spicy eyes3.

1: 打横抱起她= horizontally held her. I think this means bridal/princess carry, but it could also mean potato sack carry.

2: Hemoptysis is the scientific term for the condition of coughing up blood.

3: 真他大爷的辣眼睛。???????? According to Baidu, 辣眼睛 (spicy eyes) is slang used to describe things that should not be seen or looked at. The connotation is that looking at whatever you’re describing is unbearable, like having your eyes poked with a needle LOL


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  1. “The way he treated her now, wasn’t this woman asking for it herself?”
    I mean normally ‘she was asking for it’ is the mark of true sum, but in this case, All of Mu Yanjun’s actions are being directly and intentionally manipulated according to Bai Weiwei’s machinations. So I can’t help but give him a pass.

    Also, hmm, I kinda prefer the term bridal carry to princess carry. Maybe it’s just me.

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