MGCH Chapter 166

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Du Zhu and the Empress Dowager’s Various Matters (20)

Xiao Mo said uncertainly, “Empress Dowager, have you seen Mu Yanjun before?”

Bai Weiwei frowned, as if it was difficult to recall, “He said, I am the one who ruined his life and made him similar to an evil spirit. However, I believe I haven’t ever harmed anyone in my life. I don’t have any impression of him.”

Xiao Mo’s was even more puzzled in her head. The people on their side know that it was Bai Weiwei’s orders that made Mu Yanjun become an eunuch.

But, Bai Weiwei herself obviously did not recognize Mu Yanjun’s appearance.

Various thoughts flashed through Xiao Mo’s mind, and finally she couldn’t help but reply: “It’s been said that ten years ago, the Empress Dowager passed by the location the Mu family was to be beheaded, she saw Mu Yanjun and said that he was as cute as a girl and hoped that he would help her raise flowers in the palace.”

Bai Weiwei stared blankly at Xiao Mo in vain, “Ten years ago.”

Xiao Mo nodded: “Afterwards he was exempted from death, his parts were removed and he went to the palace and became a small eunuch.”

Bai Weiwei was a little surprised, “I remember. My father told me at the time that the Mu family was heinous and actually wanted to rebel, so the whole family must be executed.”

Xiao Mo shuddered, she could not help but glance at the grove in the distance.

Then she argued, “Empress Dowager, at the time, the Mu family did not rebel. They were framed.”

Bai Weiwei: This spy is very obvious.

Xiao Mo said: “And after Mu Yanjun entered the palace, he was mistreated because of his identity as a criminal slave. Once he was injured in a snowy day, he almost froze to death in the snow.”

Bai Weiwei: “…” Can you still be more obvious? Spy!

The system reminded: “The male lead has been waiting behind you, and now he is watching you from the woods nearby. Perhaps the spy has fear in her heart that her salary will be deducted if she says bad things.”

Bai Weiwei: “So it was like that.”

Xiao Mo still wanted to continue to talk, but suddenly found Bai Weiwei’s eyes were overflowing with tears.

Xiao Mo was stunned, “Empress Dowager, what happened to you?”

Bai Weiwei took out her handkerchief and wiped her face gracefully. Her eyes were extremely grief-stricken.

“I’ve recalled it, because the time was too long, I had actually forgotten about that.”

Bai Weiwei sighed. “At that time, father always told me that the Mu family was guilty of terrible crimes. If he didn’t eliminate them, they would endanger the Emperor. He had to lift the butcher knife.”

When she said this, the distress in her eyes was strong, “At that time, I just passed the place where the Mu family were to be beheaded. I saw a child kneeling and waiting for the death sentence from the executioner.”

“At that time, I was still young and didn’t understand things. I felt that the child was pitiful. I couldn’t help but say to the people next to me that this girl is very pretty, like a pot of peony flowers that I raised in the palace.”

Bai Weiwei bowed her head and lamented. “So it was me who ruined him? I didn’t know that he was a boy. I didn’t know that if I offhandedly said a sentence he would be sent into the palace and humiliated.”

Xiao Mo appeared to have an epiphany.

It turned out to be like this.

The rumors were always merely rumors. After all, no one had ever heard Bai Weiwei say that they should send the Du Zhu into the palace as a eunuch first hand.

Perhaps what she said was distorted by the next person, and it changed to something that wronged the Du Zhu to become like this.

In which case wasn’t Bai Weiwei originally innocent?

“And…” Bai Weiwei started trembling all over. “I am a Bai family member, is that an unforgivable crime?”

Xiao Mo saw her this way, and she couldn’t bear it.

But she still nodded. “The Bai family indeed did a lot of things that harmed the world.”

Bai Weiwei looked up at her, the despair in her eyes could move people.

She gave a little low laugh. “It turns out that, ah, that the loyal and just home I believed in was only a dream that my parents and my brother had made up for me.”

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