MGCH Chapter 168

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Du Zhu and the Empress Dowager’s Various Matters (22)

He drew his short sword from his waist. Every arrow that he encountered was deflected to the side by him.

In the blink of an eye, he arrived at the carriage.

An arrow aimed to lodge itself between his brows, but his fingers instantly pinched the arrow and threw it away. Then he extended his hands to toss yet another arrow aside.

This series of actions was peerless.

The arrow rain couldn’t reach him by even just a half a point.

Bai Weiwei stared at him and couldn’t help but whisper, “Mu Yanjun.”

Mu Yanjun sat on the horse, he didn’t look back. Only said faintly: “Where is the Empress Dowager going? It is late, and this minister came to pick you up.”

Bai Weiwei pursed her lips and kept her silence.

Mu Yanjun was very angry, this indignation had been dwelling in his heart ever since she so easily left the palace.

She followed after others without the slightest doubt.

Once she left the palace, she was willing to eat?

So she couldn’t wait to flee from him?

As soon as the arrow rain fell, Mu Yanjun’s numerous ambush raiders rushed out and engaged with the attackers.

Mu Yanjun turned around and saw Bai Weiwei leaning against the carriage door.

Her face was pale and the grief in her eyes had not yet been collected.

Mu Yanjun’s eyes were dreadfully cold, and he laughed mockingly. “Did you think you had escaped?”

Bai Weiwei appeared somewhat entranced. “I do not want to escape.”

Mu Yanjun said icily: “I see that after you left the palace you seemed very happy. I wonder about the little Emperor. After he hears how you left him to run alone, how would he feel.”

Bai Weiwei’s eyes flashed a trace of helplessness, and filled with remorse.

She had wanted to say something, but she found herself getting farther and farther away from Mu Yanjun.

Mu Yanjun’s complexion changed, Bai Weiwei’s carriage was out of control.

Who knows what scared the horse pulling the carriage, but it rapidly rushed forward.

Up ahead was the cliff. Including the people on board, if the carriage fell down, it would be impossible to survive.

Mu Yanjun panicked in his heart, there was no time to think. He spurred his horse on, frantically chasing.

Bai Weiwei was frightened for a few seconds. But soon, she realized that she would fall off the cliff and her expression became calm.

Mu Yanjun immediately knew what she was thinking, she wanted to die.

Yes, she had been seeking death since she met him.

The cowardice of the Bai family, the greed and the fear of death. She did not have even a half point of it.

If she shared just a half-point of similarity with the Bai family.

He wouldn’t be… his heart wouldn’t feel so complicated.

At the moment when the carriage careened over the cliff, Mu Yanjun’s heart jumped into his throat.

As he watched Bai Weiwei fall, his mind went blank.

He didn’t consider anything. He jumped from the dark horse and pulled the belt out from around his waist and wrapped1 it around Bai Weiwei who was falling down.

The belt lowered, but Mu Yanjun had no way to leverage it in mid air.

He quickened his pace and appeared beside Bai Weiwei in a blink of an eye.

Bai Weiwei screamed: “Mu Yanjun, you are crazy.”

Mu Yanjun reached out and imprisoned her waist, locking her within his arms.

He wore a heedless smile, “I am crazy. I am crazy to settle accounts with you. You owe me too much. Without my permission, even if you ran to hell I’ll chase you down.”

The two fell from the cliff and vanished into the white mist.

Xiao Mo crouched at the edge of the cliff and roared: “Du Zhu, Empress Dowager!”

She hastily shouted orders to the people around her. “Two people fell, we need to send reinforcements. Thirty percent of our men will chase after the remaining rebel forces and destroy their base. Everyone else get to the bottom of the cliff and find them for me.”

Under the cliff, Bai Weiwei had just climbed out of the water, and she coughed, her face completely flushed.

The cliff looked high, but there was a leverage point. She and Mu Yanjun fell into a pool of water. There was nothing wrong with her because of Mu Yanjun’s protection.

What about Mu Yanjun?

When she surveyed the surroundings. She found that Mu Yanjun was half submerged at the water’s edge. His long hair scattered, revealing an enchanting face that was rested on its side. Already fainted.

1: I think lassoed would work better here but I’m worried that the iconic western imagery associated with the term will take readers out of the story.


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