MGCH Chapter 170

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Du Zhu and the Empress Dowager’s Various Matters (24)

Mu Yanjun felt cold.

Was it snowing?

He was lost, just like when he had entered into the palace.

His family had died tragically, and he was sent back to the palace. The old imperial eunuch who was responsible for his castration was a good person.

Mu Yanjun’s parents used to be kind to him.

The old imperial eunuch never forgot to visit him, and the old imperial eunuch did not castrate him.

Because the Mu family was left with him alone, and if he became a eunuch, the Mu family would completely perish.

He still remembered lying to the eunuchs in the wing room after the castration.

The children who had been castrated were all screaming in unbearable pain.

Some were dead, died of fear.

The year he entered the palace, they got the largest snowfall there had been in years.

He was a criminal slave that anyone could bully, so the dirtiest and most tiring work was always his.

“Cheap one, still not kneeling down to lick your grandfather’s shoes.”

He refused to kneel, and so in the inner palace he was thrown into the snow by the big imperial eunuch, where he spent the whole day.

It was cold.

Cold seeped into the bones, chilling the heat of his heart and lungs. He swore if he could just get through this.

These hate debts, he would pay them back one by one.

“Cold…” Mu Yanjun’s low chant sounded out.

Bai Weiwei was also freezing, so she hugged him harder, rubbing against him. She still understood the principles of friction and heat.

In the extreme cold, Mu Yanjun suddenly sensed a warmth and fragrance surround him.

In the blur, it seemed to be soft and held him tightly as if to cherish him. This feeling could pull him out of that nightmare of ice and snow.

It was warm.

Mu Yanjun sighed comfortably, and he couldn’t help but also move a bit. He wanted to be closer to the other smooth and warm figure.

The other person seemed to become a little scared, started to slightly tremble and trying to leave.

Mu Yanjun’s heart was anxious, he reached out to forcefully confine her.

Not allowed to go. He wickedly dictated this resolution in his heart.

Bai Weiwei was embraced by Mu Yanjun with enough power to nearly be strangled by him.

She quickly started to struggle and push him away. However the man’s arm strength was too amazing, she would not dare try to break away again for fear that her waist would be snapped.

The half conscious Mu Yanjun thought that the warmth would be taken him away from him if he didn’t imprison it. That it would leave him.

His actions were urgent, and monopolizing, taking Bai Weiwei’s whole person and pressing her beneath his body.

The two people were naked and intertwined. The firelight reflected their shadows entangled in an ambiguous posture on the cave wall.

Bai Weiwei was flustered, she just wanted to give him some warmth. She didn’t mean to sacrifice herself wholly.

However, Mu Yanjun did not give her any chance to protest.

His lips rubbed against hers, and he was bewildered by a hot empty feeling, soft and fragrant, and couldn’t help but deeply sucking in.

Bai Weiwei shivered a little. She reached out to push back his raging actions, only for her hand to be seized by him. There was no room for struggle at all.

“Mu…Mu Yanjun, stop…”

The dazed Mu Yanjun heard the whispered voice of the whimpering girl, sounding unspeakably pitiful.

He was shocked, he opened his eyes and saw a scene that could take his breath away.

Bai Weiwei lay naked under his body, she was fair as snow, delicate and fragile.

She was held fast in his hands, unable to escape his ravages, and could only cry out helplessly.

Beautiful and tragic.

Bai Weiwei saw him wake up and cried even more.

“Let go of me, let go…”

Mu Yanjun’s heart was pierced a bit. He found that both of them were naked, but what he had done to her was no better than the beasts.

His fingers couldn’t help but loosen, and Bai Weiwei immediately broke away, and swung her hand out for a slap.

Mu Yanjun silently endured this slap.

Bai Weiwei glared at him, “Get off.”

Mu Yanjun was silent for a while before sitting up and releasing her.


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