MGCH Chapter 171

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Du Zhu and the Empress Dowager’s Various Matters (25)

Bai Weiwei shivered and crawled out from under his body. Her arms were crossed over the chest hugging herself pathetically.

“Turn around.”

Mu Yanjun saw her long hair draped over her fair body, creating a sort of pure temptation he had never experienced before.

His throat tightened. There was an inexplicable impulse rising in his heart, unfamiliar and intoxicating.

Bai Weiwei saw the smoldering gaze he fixed on her, and couldn’t help but furiously scold: “Mu Yanjun, have you not humiliated me enough?”

Only then did Mu Yanjun discover how brazen his eyes were.

In fact, he could be far more brazen, however when faced with that stubborn but helpless stare of Bai Weiwei’s, he obediently pivoted around.

Bai Weiwei saw him shift back. With a sob, she took the fire-dried clothes and dressed herself.

She did not realize that Mu Yanjun was watching the shadow she projected onto the cave wall.

It mimicked Bai Weiwei’s actions as she clothed herself.

Clearly not seductive, she wasn’t deliberately tempting anyone.

And yet the mysterious light in his eyes grew deeper and deeper. This unknown restlessness surging in his chest was becoming more and more intense.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at 10.】

Once Bai Weiwei made herself decent, she shoved Mu Yanjun’s apparel to his side.

Then she turned her back to him and frigidly said: “You wear it. Just now we both fell into water, I was worried that the night’s temperature was too low and you would get frostbite, so I had no other option than to hold you warm.”

Mu Yanjun moved to collect his clothes, “Empress Dowager, this is… You were saving me?”

Bai Weiwei was silent as she looked at the bonfire. The she said with cool indifference: “I still hate you. But that year it was our Bai family that eliminated your family. I was responsible for making you this way, I just saved you as compensation for your life.”

Saying it to this point she couldn’t help a sorrowful smile, “You also slaughtered all of my Bai family’s people, and this too can be considered as recompense owed to you. I think, you should not lack what you’re owed.”

As Mu Yanjun adorned himself, he observed her through the corner of his eyes, seeing an unparalleled melancholy.

He pursed his lips, “I thought you loathed me, hated enough to kill me.”

Obviously this was the perfect opportunity, but she saved him instead.

This woman, indeed, did not share any similarity with the Bai family.

Even the little fatty Emperor, despite his young age also had many schemes.

And Bai Weiwei, how was her little heart untouched by their connivance and ruthlessness.

When she heard his words, She glared up at him. Her eyes overflowed with anger.

“I do hate you, because in my eyes you are the executioner who killed my family.”

Mu Yanjun’s expression was stormy. He did not like her eyes cold and aloof.

Bai Weiwei sighed, “But you were genuinely wronged by us, so I can’t bear to start.”

Mu Yanjun looked at her icily, “That’s all?”

Bai Weiwei seemed confused, “Yes.”

What else did you want?

Mu Yanjun chuckled softly, the laughter contained no sense of joy at all. Rather, it was creepy.

“I thought that you…”

Thought she had special feelings for him. So she was just willing to save him?

It turned out, this woman was still very righteous.

He had endured a long time in hell, but what he most couldn’t adjust himself to was this woman’s eternally impassive and clean as jade appearance.

Because it would make him feel as though he could never reach her.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at 15.】

Watching the favorability rise, Bai Weiwei was thrilled.

Just as she finished reveling in her joy, Mu Yanjun enclosed her within his arms.

His bewitching face was brimming with an unresigned dark resolve.

“Saved me once, and everything is cleared? If you didn’t owe me, were you not going to say next that you intend to leave here, and find some broken temple to chant in for the remainder of your life?”


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