MGCH Chapter 174

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Du Zhu and the Empress Dowager’s Various Matters (28)

So she tried to eat a piece, the taste was alright. She quietly ate a few more bites.

While eating, she secretly stole glimpses of Mu Yanjun.

Mu Yanjun also watched her, his line of sight landed on a slice. Bai Weiwei bashfully averted her eyes.

Mu Yanjun’s mocking expression softened, but took a few degrees of cunning, “I also want to eat.”

Bai Weiwei realized that he hadn’t eaten. He gave all the meat to her, he really had nothing to eat.

She hesitated a moment before handing back the rest of the meat in her hand.

Mu Yanjun did not accept it, “Feed me.”

Bai Weiwei was embarrassed, “Mu Yanjun, you…”

Mu Yanjun indifferently said: “Little Emperor.”

Bai Weiwei suddenly couldn’t retort. She bit her lips, her face interwoven with bashfulness and anger.

Eventually she resignedly picked up a piece of meat and delivered it to his mouth.

Mu Yanjun bowed his head to grab the price of meat. With a roll of his tongue, he accidentally licked her fingertips.

Bai Weiwei felt her fingers get wet and warm. She blanked out, and then quickly pulled her fingers back.

She blushed and scolded, “You are simply… simply shameless.”

Having said that, she stuffed the snake meat from her hands into his arms, “Eat it yourself, or you can die forgotten.”

The little miss’ shyness and exasperation were completely different from the jade stone like indifference and clarity she had faced him with before.

Mu Yanjun only felt that by her demeanor was enchanting, his mood also started to improve.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at 25.】

Bai Weiwei lamented the system: “The favorability is going up too fast. I can’t adapt to it.”

System: “Fast you suspect, slow you also suspect, you are really difficult to satisfy.”

Bai Weiwei: “…”

Having eaten, the body’s fatigue could no longer be suppressed, Bai Weiwei quietly fought back a yawn.

She leaned against the cave wall trying not to doze off, but soon she fell asleep.

Mu Yanjun supported his jaw in his hand, he studied the slumbering Bai Weiwei. Her delicate breathtaking face, and her intoxicatingly soft appearance.

When Xiao Mo silently entered the cave, what she saw was Mu Yanjun’s amazingly tender expression.

Of course this gentleness, had disappeared in just a moment.

He held out his finger and pressed down on the acupuncture-point on the back of Bai Weiwei’s neck so that she wouldn’t be able to wake up.

Then turned to look at Xiao Mo, detached as a bird of prey, “What’s happened with the horse?”

Xiao Mo broke into a cold sweat, “Du Zhu, it may be that the horse’s training was insufficient, so it was startled.”

Mu Yanjun icily rebuked, “I think your training is also insufficient, go back and accept a punishment.”

Xiao Mo was sincerely afraid, “Yes, Du Zhu. About the Empress Dowager…”

Mu Yanjun without yin or yang started, “Are you her keeper and so need to interfere with her business?”

Xiao Mo immediately kowtowed, even said: “This slave doesn’t dare, slave doesn’t dare.”

Mu Yanjun did not look at her. He was silent for a while, before slowly asking: “What do you think of her as a person?”

Xiao Mo hesitated a bit, not understanding what he intended by asking this.

But she had to answer, “The Empress Dowager is a very gentle and kindly person, she is not the same as that group of people from the Bai family.”

Mu Yanjun sneered, “You know her.”

Xiao Mo’s brain was a mess. She did not know why the Du Zhu asked this, or what he was unhappy about.

Mu Yanjun said: “You go out.”

Xiao Mo was shocked, “Du Zhu, we have found you. There is a road to the top of the cliff, and a carriage can pass through it.”

Mu Yanjun frigidly said: “Don’t appear, just follow behind. Don’t let her find out.”

Xiao Mo’s mind was full of fog.

Mu Yanjun whispered to Bai Weiwei, “Let me see it. How gentle and kindly you are.”


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