MGCH Chapter 178

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Du Zhu and the Empress Dowager’s Various Matters (32)

Mu Yanjun made a gesture to Xiao Mo. Xiao Mo immediately knew what to do, with eyes that didn’t wander, two sets of clean clothes were delivered.

Mu Yanjun wiped Bai Weiwei’s figure with meticulous diligence and gentle strength. But all that Bai Weiwei wanted to do was cry.

Bai Weiwei: “How is he still not rising?”

System: “In his heart the man feels like an imperial eunuch, if you don’t make him feel like a man, he will not rise.”

Bai Weiwei: “We’re talking dirty.”

System: “I’ll send you a bottle of detergent.”

Mu Yanjun helped her get dressed before he allowed people to come over to deal with his broken leg.

The leg injury was not too serious for him and it was easy to recover from.

Bai Weiwei knew that there would be no short-term progress with this strategy, so she simply gave up and went to sleep.

This trip to the cliff, made her work this body as tired as a dog.

She slept almost too much. She woke up to see a man sitting next to her, watching her lying in the light with deep eyes.

Mu Yanjun was sitting lazily, neither hurriedly nor slowly he played with a pair of jade bracelets in his hand.

“You’re awake.”

Bai Weiwei surveyed her surroundings, somewhat dazed, and somewhat hopeless.

This was the palace.

Although it wasn’t her room, but how could she not recognize the palace’s decorations when she lived in the palace year round.

Bai Weiwei sat up “We’re back at the palace?”

Of course, Mu Yanjun saw the despondency in her complexion, how could she not despair.

She thought she could depart, but she got taken back so easily.

Mu Yanjun whispered: “Why, regret saving me? If you hadn’t saved me, you may have escaped.”

Bai Weiwei sneered, “This and that are two different matters. I saved you once in exchange for no longer being indebted in your heart. So I can have peace of mind.”

Mu Yanjun’s eyes were heavy, “Don’t owe me? You can be at peace?”

Bai Weiwei wasn’t afraid at all, “Yes, so that I can have peace of mind and continue to hate you.”

Mu Yanjun pushed one of the bracelets onto his wrist, he couldn’t help but use excess force.

His eyes turned icy, “You are a dead person, how can you hate me?”

Bai Weiwei’s face was uncomprehending, “Dead person?”

Mu Yanjun turned to examine her, the corner of his mouth suddenly evoked an evil smirk.

“The Empress Dowager died when she was held hostage by traitors in the palace because the rescue was not timely, and now the palace is holding a funeral for you.”

Bai Weiwei appeared terrified: “A funeral, you are going to bury me alive?”

Mu Yanjun: “…”

Bai Weiwei immediately hid the fear on her face and restored her previous aloof attitude, “Want to kill, then kill, why so much nonsense? Don’t expect me to beg for mercy.”

Mu Yanjun suddenly smiled, and held her hand. He slowly placed the jade bracelet in his hand on her.

“This was my mother’s, she said the jade of this jade bracelet is precious. She intended to give it to her future daughter-in-law.”

Bai Weiwei wore an uncomprehending expression, and did not seem to understand the implication of what he said.

Mu Yanjun regarded the sleek green jade bracelet, placed against her wrist made it seem even more snowy and white.

“There will be no Empress Dowager in the future, there is no longer a Bai Weiwei. Starting from today Mu is your surname, Mu Weiwei.”

Bai Weiwei scrutinized him with a baffled expression, “In the end, what are you trying to say?”

Mu Yanjun self-servingly said: “I am old, I also need to marry.”

Bai Weiwei puzzled, “Can imperial eunuchs marry?”

Mu Yanjun took a breath, before gritting his teeth and saying: “Can.”

Bai Weiwei looked at him, then looked at the bracelet on his wrist, suddenly turning pale, “Mu Yanjun, you can’t do this.”

Mu Yanjun saw that she was finally realized what was happening and started reacting. He mocked, “I can. Now, whatever I want to do, no one can stop me.”


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  1. System: “In his heart the man feels like an imperial eunuch, if you don’t make him feel like a man, he will not rise.”

    Bai Weiwei: “We’re talking dirty.”

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