MGCH Chapter 188

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Du Zhu and the Empress Dowager’s Various Matters (42)

Bai Weiwei stared blankly at him.

When Mu Yanjun finished, he immediately got up and walked out.

The chair he was sitting in, in the places where he was gripping,was crushed to powder.

What fragility in Bai Weiwei’s eyes? She was calculating gains and losses, then she knocked on the system, “I think we should leave the palace.”

System: “Why? Here, isn’t it easier to farm favorability here? “

Bai Weiwei: “Because I don’t want to be bombarded by the sky.”

System: “…”

Bai Weiwei: “That broken perverted branch task, I can’t find a good way to accomplish it now.”

Aphrodisiac couldn’t be used now. After she used poison, Mu Yanjun would be on guard against pharmaceuticals.

“So outside of the palace, I want to look for another man to stimulate his instincts. I think he can rise.”

System: “Looking for another man?”

Bai Weiwei laughed, “The garden full of spring color cannot be closed, a red apricot hangs over the wall. I climbed the wall.”

The system was speechless.

Bai Weiwei was sensitive, “Why aren’t you playing tricks, recently?”

Actually being obedient and not using sarcasm?

System: Playing tricks?

Bai Weiwei: “That’s not right. My Slagstem, have you done something to me to be sorry for?”

The system forcefully calmed itself, “No.”

Bai Weiwei became suspicious, “Really?”

System: “Am I the kind of host pitfall system?”

Bai Weiwei: “Yes.”

System: I can’t respond to that.

Bai Weiwei questioned, “Really, did not sneak behind my back and steal my life value.”

She was afraid of the pit.

The System glanced at her credit, and negative life value. It felt it still did not need to break it to her now, lest the host not be able to face the reality of it and directly go on strike.

“I also don’t put your shabby life value in my eyes. To think, back then, I was a well known system industry big shot. Which system did not call me brother when we met, I have seen life value rewards that dwarf Ma Yun’s account balance1…”

Bai Weiwei interrupted: “En, well sorry for the unprofitable business.”

The system blew out half of its force, and was so abruptly choked down. It almost couldn’t hold back a cerebral hemorrhage.

Mu Yanjun was particular about keeping his word, if he said he would let her leave the palace, he would let her leave the palace.

In less than three days, Xiao Mo came carrying a large bag, and the two arranged for ordinary low-key carriages, to invite Bai Weiwei out of the palace.

“Miss, I’ll be your servant later. “

“He asked you to monitor me?” said Bai Weiwei, in a somewhat soft voice.

Xiao Mo immediately said: “No, no, no, the Du Zhu’s intention… I’m talking about traitor Mu, is not my master now, you are my master. Now if you want me to die, I will die. You want me to kill the traitor I will help you get revenge. “

Bai Weiwei stared at her, stunned.

Xiao Mo was afraid that she would despise her fear, and hurriedly rolled up her sleeves and patted her arms on the biceps.

“You see, I eat less and rest late and work better than cattle. I will do laundry, cook, tend the vegetables, repair the house, and catch any thieves, and I do not need a monthly allowance.”

Xiao Mo said to the end, and knelt on the ground bleakly, “So, Miss, will you accept me.”

Bai Weiwei sighed, “Then you can stay.”

She got into the carriage under the care of Xiao Mo. The driver was wearing a black gauze and she couldn’t see his face clearly.

After getting on the carriage, Xiao Mo immediately prepared the dessert tea.

“Miss, where we are going is a Liuxiang alley, a perfect place to live. “

Bai Weiwei nodded and drank her tea in silence.

Xiao Mo asked with some apprehension: “Miss, I heard, you actually care for traitor Mu, right?”

Bai Weiwei looked up, she appeared a little surprised.

She hesitated for a moment before nodding, “En. “

1: Jack Ma/Ma Yun is a Chinese businessman (but like, for a huge company), politician, and philanthropist. He’s the co-founder and exec chair of Alibaba Group. If you were curious, his net worth as of June 2019 is $35.6 billion.


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