MGCH Chapter 189

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Du Zhu and the Empress Dowager’s Various Matters (43)

Xiao Mo asked again: “Then why leave?”

Bai Weiwei gazed at the tea in her hand silently for a long time said: “Because it’s better for everyone.”

Xiao Mo straightforwardly put a question mark on her face.

Bai Weiwei whispered, “He suffered a lot of pain, all because of me. Although I know he is powerful, but if I really stay with him, sooner or later someone will realize I am the Empress Dowager.”

“If it’s discovered, it will be the best justification to attack for his enemies.”

Xiao Mo hurriedly, “Won’t, the Du Zhu won’t mind.”

Bai Weiwei: “But I will mind.”

With that, she seemed to think she had said too much, and she turned to her side to open the curtain blocking the window of the carriage.

Already arrived at the main street, people came and went, bustling.

Bai Weiwei appeared dazed, “I haven’t been here for a long time, such a lively place.”

Xiao Mo immediately said: “Yes, there is a snack shop on this street, it is a very good place.”

Bai Weiwei smiled, “It’s good, but no matter how good, it’s not as good as where he is.”

The last sentence, softly contained in her mouth, held an infinite tenderness.

The driver sitting outside, only felt this sentence was caressing his heart.

【Ding, the male leads favorability is at 82.】

The place they would be living, was a house with a courtyard.

It was late in winter, but the flowers and trees in the yard were lush, it must have taken a lot of effort.

Bai Weiwei exited the carriage, Xiao Mo hauling large and small bags followed her in.

While the driver sat in the carriage, he looked silently at the closed door.

Suddenly a subordinate walked up to him, “Du Zhu, everything is ready.”

The driver took off his hat, revealing he was Mu Yanjun1.

He nodded, with profound eyes, “Let’s go,”

The subordinate led him to the house next door to Bai Weiwei’s house.

The two houses were just one wall apart.

Mu Yanjun walked into the house, where he met a master of disguise, who bent over to salute, “Du Zhu, everything’s ready, what kind of appearance do you want?”

Mu Yanjun remembered Bai Weiwei’s words, summing it up he said: “Warm as jade, similar to a scholar.”

The master of disguise nodded, picked up his tools and began to craft him a face mask.

“This mask can be maintained for a month, and will not be damaged by water.”

When everything was done, Mu Yanjun saw the reflection in the copper mirror had undergone a dramatic change.

His originally exquisitely bewitching exterior, became gentle and elegant.

With the exception of his eyes which were still very grim, the rest was completely different from the previous self.

Mu Yanjun touched his cheek and stared at the wall of the yard. It seemed he was vaguely able to hear the conversation between Bai Weiwei and Xiao Mo.

“Sure enough, I’m not a good person. I can’t let go of you.”

Clearly he promised her to give her an ordinary life, to give her a kind man.

But after a night of bone-chilling heartache, he knew he couldn’t let her go.

She didn’t want to meet him.

Then he would become someone else. At that point, why not accompany her for the rest of his life.

Bai Weiwei watched Xiao Mo carried a large bucket of water to the water tank, and chatted with the system: “You said Mu Yanjun is next door, what is he doing?”

The system peeked over before saying, “In disguise, washing the eagle’s feathers white, trying to disguise himself as a rabbit.”

Bai Weiwei listened, “Well, I found the man who wanted to be the red apricot hanging over the wall.”

System: “?”

Bai Weiwei smiled, “Let’s go out for a stroll.”

System: Recently the host’s thoughts jump too much as if they were a gazelle, and I can’t keep up.

It seems that I really am old.

1: Woah, what? I’m sure no one saw that coming at all. Truly a master of disguise.


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