MGCH Chapter 192

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Du Zhu and the Empress Dowager’s Various Matters (46)

He was Jun Buyan, and she was not the Empress Dowager, but the ordinary identity of Bai Weiwei.

The interactions between the pair of them was as light as water, never overstepping the line by even half a step.

But for him, he saw a different side of her.

Her shy smile, her occasionally clumsy but unusually cute side.

She softly spoke of his gentleness.

He felt that their relationship was slowly changing, and he even felt that one day she would accept their pairing.

But the way she regarded him just now was… letting go.

Bai Weiwei knocked on the door, she waited for a while before Jun Buyan opened the gate.

His breath was a little messy, but he soon returned to his usual appearance.

Bai Weiwei looked at him kindly, “I have something to say to you, do you have time?”

Jun Buyan’s dark and murky eyes sank, he smiled, “Of course, I very much welcome you.”

Bai Weiwei walked in with him, Mu Yanjun posed perfectly as Jun Buyan, the house was set up to resemble a scholar’s home.

It was a whole house crammed with books, as well as brushes and paper.

Bai Weiwei walked over and saw a picture on the table.

Above was a picture of a woman’s back, sim and slender, fair as the moon.

Jun Buyan peeked at the painting, his heart was a little nervous. He liked her and couldn’t help but draw a picture, just now he was too rushed and didn’t put it away.

Bai Weiwei smiled, “What woman is this? Is this Jun Gongzi’s sweetheart?”

Jun Buyan pressed his lips, and finally a light sentence, “Yes.”

Bai Weiwei’s smile deepened, “Ai, I am the same as Jun Gongzi, both of us have an interest in drawing the people we love.”

Then she reached over for the brush on the table and smoothly drew the back of a man on the painting.

Inside the drawing was a man in a white robe, carrying a book box, and holding a bamboo umbrella, an exuberant spirit, a handsome and clear manner.

She also gently wrote a few words at the end. The mountain’s have trees, ah, and trees possess leaves, the heart cheers for Jun, ah, but Jun can’t perceive.1

There are trees on the mountain and everyone knows there are leaves on the trees. And I like you so much, but you don’t know.

Jun Buyan read the poem, and just thought both their hearts had been moved.

The violent ecstasy made him feel somewhat dizzy.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at 90.】

Bai Weiwei put down the brush, her eyes were clever, and her smile was pretty.

“Asking Gongzi, do you perceive?”

Jun Buyan only felt that sentence was praising him but did not know why, he suddenly took the brush.

He wrote next to the words she had written: Dawn sees sky’s tint dusk’s setting sun, walk too thinks Jun, sit too thinks Jun.2

His response was, watching the sky in the morning and watching the sky in the evening, I miss you when walking, and when sitting also miss you.

After writing, he finally responded, “I just knew.”

The two gazed at each other and smiled, softly and exceptionally lovingly.

The tenderness in Bai Weiwei’s eyes could overflow.

“I used to think that I would never meet my own happiness.”

Jun Buyan was distracted, he recalled her life in the palace, and indeed she had a bad time back then.

Bai Weiwei expression suddenly brought a touch of sadness, “In fact, I used to have feelings in my heart for a man.”

Jun Buyan eyes sank, feelings in her heart, was it him?

“But we were not destined to be together, I could not understand how my heart moved for him, I thought I could never let that relationship go.”

Jun Buyan thought the bad feeling in his heart was becoming more and more intense.

She suddenly smiled “I met him this morning and thought I’d get excited. Only to later realize, that I had already put it down.”

Jun Buyan was unable to control his shuddering, he suddenly discovered what he had lost.

Bai Weiwei turned to look at him, her expression was very gentle, “When I put it down, I was thinking of you with all my heart.”

1: 山有木兮木有枝,心悦君兮君不知 Oh dear, translating poetry is ridiculously beyond my skill level. So here it is in its original unmangled glory. Something to note:君不 these characters, third and second from the back are Jun and Bu, awww she wrote a poem with 2/3rds of his alias.

2: 晓看天色暮看云,行也思君,坐也思君。Please no more! I had to sacrifice the meter to save the rhyme on this one, but I think eight, four, four work better than seven, four, four anyhow. Something of note: the last part of the first line is about twilight’s clouds. (cloud=yun rhymes with Jun) So yeah, I just tore that out and replaced it with anything that seemed like it would sort of fit. Did I mention I lack the skill for poems?

(boy am i glad i didn’t have to translate these poems)


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