MGCH Chapter 195

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Du Zhu and the Empress Dowager’s Various Matters (49)

She struggled so hard at first, but now she suddenly didn’t fight at all. It was the only reason he could fathom.

Bai Weiwei bit her bloodied lips.

This silence, let his heart’s last hope be broken, the fire in his body was put out at once.

“You’re not afraid that I have already long killed him?”

Bai Weiwei eyes flooded with water, this poor vulnerable appearance could really hook people.

She still refused to speak.

Mu Yanjun suddenly chuckled coldly, laughed at his own unrequited love.

He was degrading himself, was this much humiliation not enough?

He put himself in the dirt, but she wouldn’t even look at him.

In her mind, he was nothing more than the killer of her family, a madman that vilely and shamelessly overtook her.

Mu Yanjun endured his severe heartache, slowly released her hands, her wrists were clearly bruised.

It was a reminder of his brutality.

Mu Yanjun suddenly grabbed her jaw, and forced her to open her mouth. He stuffed a heart protecting pill into her mouth.

Although, after she left the palace, her hemoptysis became much better, and Xiao Mo also prepared medicinal meals every day to replenish her body.

He was still afraid that his reckless loss of control today would cause a recurrence of her condition.

Mu Yanjun got up and watched her huddle pitifully into a ball, as if she did not know how to deal with the damage from his rampage.

If he really forcefully took her.

She would hate him for the rest of her life and there would be no room for change.

This made him dare not take another step forward, he was afraid that he would run rampant again. He turned around and left.

From behind Bai Weiwei’s voice gained a bit of sternness, “Mu Yanjun, you are not a man.”

Mu Yanjun’s footsteps halted with a ‘DUN’, a sound representing his wrath, like a sword thrust to the heart.

Bai Weiwei wailed “I don’t like you, I don’t love you anymore.”

He knew.

Mu Yanjun’s eyes suddenly became a little wet, and he picked up his pace in embarrassment.

“The man I like now is nothing like you, he is kind, brave and gentle…”

Mu Yanjun almost tripped and fell out.

He wished he was deaf. He couldn’t wait to rush out of the room, and realized his face had overflowed with tears.

Mu Yanjun reached out and covered his face, body bending in half.

Was this the so-called stolen heart?

Sure enough, couldn’t recover, couldn’t die, could only bear the heartache day and night. No way to escape.

Even if he did, he could never be free in this lifetime.

Bai Weiwei silently reached out to Mu Yanjun swiftly retreating back and internally cried, “A man would come back to do a big job!”

If it weren’t for a collapse of the person being equal to a collapse in favorability.1

She just had to directly make it rise up.

As a result, the cooked Mu Yanjun merely flew off like this, flew away.2

Bai Weiwei was lying in bed full of dejection, “Slagstem, you’ve killed me. I have just exhausted all my temptations, in the end it is still not successful.”

The more a woman struggled, the more excited the man would be.

As she struggled, she was desperately grinding against his sensitive place.

And delicate and charming, wanting to cry but holding back tears, was the most attractive to others.

She was so pitiful that her eyes were three points larger, and he was also burning from her provocation.

And the result… haha.

In the end she even scolded him. Mu Yanjun, this asshole, didn’t even get angry. He just turned around and rushed away from her.

Was he an imperial eunuch too long, did he really think of himself as a eunuch?

Slagstem patted Bai Weiwei’s dog’s head, “There is still time, make persistent efforts, and I think you still shouldn’t be too open…”

Bai Weiwei suddenly remembered something, she rolled out of bed quick as a squid, and dressed in a messy fashion.

Exposed thighs, revealed shoulders or something, how very miserable and tempting.

Then she ran out barefoot and knocked on the door of Jun Buyan.

Jun Buyan’s eyes were a little red, his face cold, didn’t know just what to say. When he saw her this way he looked distracted.

Bai Weiwei plunged into his arms and cried, “I’m not clean, Buyan, do you still want me?”

Jun Buyan: “…”

System: “…”

1: 要不是崩人设等于崩好感度。I can’t think of a good way to phrase this. Left to editor. (this is about as good as i can make it, too lol)

2: If you’re confused by this, there’s an idiom that goes something like ‘the meat flew out of their mouth’ meaning to lose something at the last moment.



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