MGCH Chapter 196

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Du Zhu and the Empress Dowager’s Various Matters (50)

Jun Buyan- Mu Yanjun hugged her, and sensed her shivering, the exposed skin on her thighs and shoulders white enough to sting his eyes.

He suddenly thought of something, and immediately raised his head to coldly survey their surroundings.

The hidden guards were turning their bodies, not daring to look back for fear that the Du Zhu would pluck out their eyeballs.

Then he carried her and rushed into the house.

His body was terribly stiff, and his sanity was almost falling apart.

The woman completely rejected him, then in the next moment threw herself into the arms of another man.

Even if the other man was himself.

He couldn’t stand that either.

Mu Yanjun casually pulled off a layer of his clothes, wrapped her tightly, and then stuffed her into the room’s lounge chair.

He looked at her. His eyes were ferocious and red, couldn’t wait to take the opportunity to strangle her to death.

Bai Weiwei wept quietly, holding herself tightly, she was trembling pitifully non-stop.

Mu Yanjun had not forgotten his disguise, he asked with a dry mouth: “What happened?”

Bai Weiwei shook her head silently, she seemed to be struggling. Finally she straightened her spine, her eyes became firm and clear.

“If I say I’ve been disgraced, will you want me?”

Mu Yanjun’s heart was stabbed, he gritted his teeth repeated, “Disgraced?”

It was a disgrace for him to touch her.

Yes, of course, it was a disgrace, otherwise was it a scene of a loving pair’s coupling?

Even if he didn’t really enter her, she felt that being touched was a great disgrace, did she?

Bai Weiwei tearfully pulled open the robe that was wrapping her and began to untie her clothes.

Mu Yanjun grabbed her hand hard and stopped her movements.

“What are you doing?”

Bai Weiwei hesitated, “I used to have no one in my heart so even if I was touched by someone, I’d feel as though I was bitten by a dog, even if it hurt, it didn’t count. But now I have you in my heart, I can’t stand it, I have been touched by a man other than you.”

Dog…… Mu Yanjun’s heart bled hatefully.

Her words, sentence by sentence, brought a pain like cutting his flesh or digging out his bones.

Bai Weiwei, sorrowfully, “I feel so dirty, very dirty.”

He couldn’t stand it anymore, “Enough, you’re not dirty.”

Bai Weiwei was surprised by him, she suddenly reached and hugged him, her legs wrapped around his waist, and her lips almost kissed him.

She mustered all the courage, mist in her eyes, “If I’m not dirty, will you prove it to me.”

Mu Yanjun stared blankly at her.

It was as though Bai Weiwei was abandoning everything. Just like a moth that flew into the flames, she had him immobilized, and she rode on him and pressed against him on to the recliner.

“Desire me, Buyan.”

Mu Yanjun had never seen a woman, that would boldly take the initiative to such a point.

She straddled him, her black hair disheveled, her eyes teary, her lips reddened by blood stained wounds.

Beautiful and tragic, a beauty that could make men shiver. Like the last faint glimmer of light from burning one’s own life.

Mu Yanjun felt that no man would reject her.

Even if she asked him to die at this moment, he was willing to do so.

But why didn’t she want him instead of the fabricated persona of Jun Buyan.

A man who was the exact opposite of him?

Bai Weiwei saw he did not move, her heart was relentless. Her hands tore up his clothes.

Mu Yanjun grabbed his clothes and prevented her from tearing them.

Who she wanted was Jun Buyan, not Mu Yanjun.

Even if he had to endure until he exploded, he wouldn’t let her hand herself over to others completely.

Bai Weiwei shed her tears, while struggling with his clothes, “You really dislike me, you really don’t want me?”

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