MGCH Chapter 201

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Proofreader/editor: Cheese

The Du Zhu and the Empress Dowager’s Various Matters (55)

Mu Yanjun’s hands quickly covered his face. The candlelight swayed, causing claws of shadow to dance on his face.

With the mask in her hand, she stared blankly at him.

Just now the loving atmosphere vanished in the blink of an eye. Only a terrible silence remained between the two.

Bai Weiwei started to snap out of it, with a voice that was still somewhat lethargic, “Mu Yanjun?”

Mu Yanjun pressed his lips, compared to Jun Buyan’s, his face was overly delicate and laden with the temperament of a dark bird of prey.

Bai Weiwei finally completely reacted, mustered her strength and pushed him away.

Mu Yanjun had already been exposed. There was only confusion in his heart, he wanted a good life with her using the identity of Jun Buyan to accompany her.

But what if he was discovered?

Mu Yanjun actually realized that he had never considered the consequences of being revealed.

Perhaps, he didn’t dare to consider it.

Bai Weiwei’s action was undoubtedly fueling the fire, completely igniting his internal fears.

She knew, and certainly must have hated him.

Mu Yanjun snatched her back into his arms.

Two people were not dressed, skin made contact, breath was equally chaotic, It turned out to be extremely ambiguous confusion in the middle of the night.

Bai Weiwei was shaking all over her body, and kept asking, “Who are you? In the end, who are you?”

Mu Yanjun knew that when some people encounter something they couldn’t handle, they would be like Bai Weiwei, and attempt to escape.

Was it not obvious who he was?

The grief in Mu Yanjun’s eyes was palpable, but the words in his mouth were menacing, “Who am I? Just now you and I were very close in bed, how can you not know in the blink of an eye?”

In Bai Weiwei’s eyes an edified fear appeared, “No, with me was Jun Buyan. You…… Did you kill him?”

Mu Yanjun only then realized what she was afraid of.

She was not afraid that he wasn’t Jun Buyan, but that he had killed Jun Buyan and then replaced him with his appearance.

Mu Yanjun eyes were astonished and voice was sullen, “Who do you think Jun Buyan is?”

Bai Weiwei’s eyelids cringed, as if afraid to face his questioning.

He caught it at once, and finally couldn’t help laughing poignantly.

“Bai Weiwei, when did you learn to lie to yourself?”

Bai Weiwei immediately began to struggle, unwilling to listen to him.

But Mu Yanjun just wanted to open everything. In any case, everything was ruined, why shouldn’t he destroy it more thoroughly?

“It was me, it was me from start to finish. Walking with you in the rain was me, talking with you about poetry and painting was also me. The person who saved you is me, and wanted to be with you was also me.”

Bai Weiwei struggled even harder, but her voice was so weak. “You deceived me…”

Mu Yanjun pushed her back into bed, his hands clasped over her shoulder, and his long hair flowed down onto her body.

“Deceived you?” His cold voice was brimming with a gorgeous magnetism.

“I lied to you, you have only had two men steal your heart. One is me, the other is me.”

There is a blank gaze on Bai Weiwei’s face, which was suddenly overtaken by despair.

But Mu Yanjun wanted to force her to the end of the road, to force her to admit their feelings.

“So the one you love has always been me alone.”

Bai Weiwei reached out, her nails caught in the meat of his arm, she cried clearly, “Mu Yanjun, where did you hide Jun Buyan? Let him go.”

Mu Yanjun felt that her words were too painful.

His sorrow was too deep and his anger was rising.

“There is no such person as Jun Buyan. This person was made up by me, you are so stupid, how could you be fooled by such simple a trick?”


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