MGCH Chapter 203

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Du Zhu and the Empress Dowager’s Various Matters (57)

Mu Yanjun seemed to be unable to comprehend the meaning of this sentence, just darkly repeated, “Can’t be saved?”

When the imperial doctor saw this, his whole person was scared until his legs went soft and fell to the ground, “Du Zhu, the lady’s five viscera and six bowels are all showing signs of decay. She can only last ten days at most. The hemoptysis condition is inherently difficult to treat. I also don’t know what stimulated her, but angry blood harmed her heart, resulting in her body’s rapid weakening.”

Mu Yanjun suddenly took a shot at the chair next to him. The chair, along with the table next to it, collapsed at the same time.

With the exception of the bed, everything else in the room was affected by aftershocks, and could not stop shaking.

The imperial doctor shook the most.

Mu Yanjun whispered, “Say that again.”

Lies would not let him escape, the imperial doctor knew as much. To leave this room he could only tell the truth, “Du Zhu, I’m not a villain that refuses to treat her, but the lady’s physical state is one that can’t withstand any medicine…”

Couldn’t take any medicine, wasn’t that about the same as waiting for death?

Consequently, before he could finish, Mu Yanjun had become furious and kicked him out the door.

“If you can’t cure it, I will give you the same exit. If she isn’t cured today, I’ll kill you with her.”

The imperial doctor was terrified.

No one had forgotten Mu Yanjun’s appearance holding up the butcher’s knife. Were the royal family and the Bai family people not enough corpses?

This man, was more cruel and horrible than the apparitions of hell.

Mu Yanjun went back to the bedside, he knew that what the doctor said was true.

Her face was already showing signs of death.

Mu Yanjun looked down at her, suddenly softly called, “Weiwei, what do you want me to do?”

Bai Weiwei breath was faint.

Mu Yanjun suddenly chuckled twice, “I harmed you to this point, why don’t you get up to kill me?”

The power he knew best was hate, just that feeling of hate allowed him to climb from the dirtiest of places to the present.

So if she really hated him.

Shouldn’t she wake up and fight him?

Mu Yanjun suddenly pulled out a knife, and put the knife into her hand, “You wake up for me, everything about you was destroyed by me. If you really hate me, get up and kill me.”

Bai Weiwei’s grip was soft, the knife in her hand couldn’t be held up right.

Mu Yanjun caught it. The knife was pressed back into her hand, and his hands also supported hers, not allowing the knife to fall.

“If you kill me, the little Emperor will have a good life too. The remnants of the Bai family I destroyed can be re-named and continue on instead of being stigmatized for one thousand years. Otherwise, I will flip the world upside down, and create times of hardship.”

Bai Weiwei’s finger’s trembled.

The voice became excited when Mu Yanjun saw it, “Wake up, do you not have the softest heart? If you don’t get up, I will kill a hundred people every day. The little Emperor, Xiao Mo, if you care for them, I will kill them all.”

There was a painful struggle on her face, and she seemed to be waking up from his pressuring.

As soon as he had seen it was useful, he immediately threatened, “Not only will I kill people, but I would also wage a war to destroy this country.”

Bai Weiwei’s lips trembled, and she appeared as though she wanted to say something.

Mu Yanjun viciously said: “If you don’t wake up again, I will bury all the world along with you.”

“You can’t do this.” Bai Weiwei miserably cried as she blinked open her eyes.

Mu Yanjun saw her wake up, and his whole body almost had to sit on the ground. His heart had finally landed.

He mercilessly corrected with a laugh, “I can, if you leave me, I can kill anyone. I was never a good person.”

Bai Weiwei’s face was pale, and her bright eyes were eclipsed.

“Are you not afraid to be hated by all, and end up dead without a grave?”

Mu Yanjun’s eyes were relentlessly stubborn, “I don’t care.”

Bai Weiwei’s expression toward him was silly, suddenly she laughed, “You are so foolish.”

Mu Yanjun pursed his lips.

But she suddenly sighed softly, “I am also stupid, even reluctant to let you be spurned by people all over the world.”

Mu Yanjun suddenly widened his eyes.

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