MGCH Chapter 207

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Du Zhu and the Empress Dowager’s Various Matters (61)

This sentence made it impossible for Mu Yanjun to refute.

Mu Yanjun did not have any time to entertain this divine doctor’s eccentricites, he intended to directly tie the man up.

The boy seemed to know what he was thinking, “My family’s doctor is not here, he went into the mountains to find medicinal herbs.”

Deliberately hiding.

Mu Yanjun suddenly looked at the child, eyes as sharp as a knife, “Well, what did your doctor say I need to pay, so he is willing to leave the mountains to administer treatment?”

The child hesitated, then suddenly took a few steps back and pointed to the snow, “You kneel, my family’s doctor said you have killed too many people and your heart has rotted. He doesn’t believe you would really be willing to sacrifice yourself for someone else. If you can still bend your knees, your heart holds kindness and he’ll be willing to come out.”

To make Mu Yanjun kneel, even the present little Emperor didn’t dare.

Mu Yanjun has also sworn that when he climbed to his present position, he would kneel to no one.

The taste of humiliation, he knew all too well. So even if he was broken he wouldn’t kneel in the years to come.

The child saw that he did not want to, and was also aware this was difficult for strong men. Who did not know the status of the present Mu Yanjun, such a person who would dare to let him kneel?

His doctor also said that Mu Yanjun’s heart was frozen to this extent and certainly would not kneel.

Mu Yanjun suddenly asked: “Does that guy think he can hide for a lifetime?”

The child smiled bitterly, “If my family’s doctor does not want to treat people, even if you found him, what then?”

That was the great truth.

Mu Yanjun frigidly snorted, “If he is a mediocre doctor, I will take his tendons and dispose of his skin.”

Before the child could respond to the meaning of this sentence. He saw Mu Yanjun had spontaneously retreated several steps, chose a relatively clean piece of snow, straightened his hem and suddenly knelt down.

The guards followed behind, and knelt down together.

The little boy was stupefied.

Mu Yanjun did not even hesitate, did not struggle. With an incomparably icy expression he straightforwardly knelt.

The child couldn’t help but say, “I didn’t think you could do this for a woman.”

Mu Yanjun’s eyes lifted, suddenly smiling frostily, “You’d better start praying, your family’s doctor can save her, or I will be visiting his ancestral grave to pick out the ashes.”

He had to kneel on this day.

The snow in the eastern mountains was thick. It was cold at the end of winter, and the snow fell like goose feathers.

Mu Yanjun knelt in the snow, the chill seeped into his bones, creaking.

The cold was what he hated most.

Because that would bring him back to his humiliating past.

But when he thought of Bai Weiwei, it seemed as though kneeling was not so difficult.

The eccentric tempered doctor finally appeared.

Mu Yanjun glanced at the white haired old man. If not for the need to rely on his medical skills, he might have directly pulled a blade out to cut him down.

The old man gave him a bottle of medicine, “You can go back immediately to feed her this.

Listening to your description, I estimate that she has reached the point where she has burnt out. I think, she may not be able to survive these days’ delay.”

Mu Yanjun reached and grasped it, darkly and sorrowfully said, “You have to come with me.”

Rotten old man: “Can’t go, I’m too old, can’t live long, you are so eager to travel day and night, I guess no more than two days by your side would kill me.”

The speed at which Mu Yanjun rode on his way here was life threatening.

Excluding the elite guards he brought, who could withstand his pace?

Mu Yanjun listened too, bringing such a drag bottle would slow down his speed.

Anyway, the medicine was already secured. He also did not have time to get entangled with anything, immediately mounted his horse to go back.

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