MGCH Chapter 209

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 Du Zhu and the Empress Dowager’s Various Matters (63)

Bai Weiwei did not respond.

Mu Yanjun also didn’t dare to move, just sitting there, “When the little Emperor grows up, I will gradually transfer power to him, and let him help the Bai family to recover.”

The clouds in the sky coalesced and eventually it began to rain.

Several guards opened umbrellas and came to him, directly covering his head and Bai Weiwei’s body.

No one had the courage to speak, afraid to disturb Mu Yanjun.

Mu Yanjun kept muttered to himself, “Please forgive me for not helping the Bai family recover now, because I want to give my dead father and mother an account.”

Bai Weiwei was very quiet.

Mu Yanjun’s voice had a moment of panic, “Or do you want the Bai family to recover now? I’ll go to turn over the Bai family’s case and put your family’s bodies in the Bai family’s ancestral tomb…”

Bai Weiwei: “…”

Mu Yanjun’s voice was dull and humble, “What do you think?”

She did not answer, and he asked again: “What?”

Mu Yanjun was silent, everyone there was silent. Only the sound of rain resounded through the world.

After a long time, he whispered: “It’s raining, let’s go into the house, Weiwei.”

Mu Yanjun pulled her into his arms, her body was soft and cold.

“Why are you so cold? Your health is poor, what if a freezing wind blew?”

Mu Yanjun held her tight1, and step by step he staggered into the house.

Xiao Mo because of work returned two days later than Mu Yanjun.

Once she came back, she was approached by Mu Yanjun’s confidant, “Xiao Mo, you go to see the Du Zhu, he has stayed beside her for two days without closing his eyes, we are all worried that he cannot endure it.”

Xiao Mo uncomprehendingly asked, “Stayed beside, what? Is it hard for the lady to take the medicine?”

His response was a bitter laugh, Xiao Mo also immediately know the meaning of this laugh.

When she saw Mu Yanjun, Xiao Mo stood at the door too frightened to enter the house.

Mu Yanjun did not go mad, nor was he talking to himself. He was simply just sitting, and lying on the bed was Bai Weiwei.

He held her hand and looked at her for two days and two nights.

Mu Yanjun had first class physical fitness, if a normal person acted like him they probably would have collapsed.

Xiao Mo carefully stepped in, “Du Zhu, the mission is completed.”

Mu Yanjun was silent for a long time, only to whisper: “That old man was found?”

Xiao Mo remembered that when she was half way back, she received a messenger bird to capture the divine doctor.

She herself must have been too late, so she started traveling back on the dark route to the eastern mountains. Once she caught them, they all rushed back.

She didn’t think that in the two-day delay, Bai Weiwei just passed.

Xiao Mo only felt full of heartache, but didn’t dare to cry immediately.

“I found him. He didn’t run, and they pushed themselves to try to get back here.”

Mu Yanjun nodded, “You go down.”

Xiao Mo hesitated before she came out and said, “Du Zhu, the lady’s funeral…”

Mu Yanjun finally turned back, his eyes were bloodshot with exhaustion, face uniquely thin and pale. Only his expression was still indifferent.

“Go down, and don’t say anything else. I don’t want to kill right now. But if you stimulate me again, much less you, there might be a few others in this palace that would lose their right to live.”

Xiao Mo felt as if she had been doused with ice water.

She immediately bowed and left not brave enough to say anything more.

After exiting the door, she couldn’t help but look back.

Mu Yanjun was back to staring at Bai Weiwei again, he only sat upright and did nothing else. Just held her hand, and stared.

1: 慕言君将她抱得死紧 This either means he has her in a dead hold, or he’s holding her dead body. As both are true I’m going to need some help parsing out which one the text is trying to emphasize.

Based on 得 and the fact it came after a verb and before a description, the sentence is more likely saying that he’s holding her in a deathly/tight grip.


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