MGCH Chapter 210

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Du Zhu and the Empress Dowager’s Various Matters (64)

In that moment, Xiao Mo’s heart was completely shredded by sadness.

The Du Zhu… didn’t dare to move.

Once the body moved, the brain would also began to move. He was so clever, how could he not know that Bai Weiwei was dead.

He didn’t want to admit it, couldn’t bear to think too deeply. He could only force himself to sit like this. To convince himself that Bai Weiwei just slumbering, that she would wake up.

Xiao Mo thought that only when Bai Weiwei’s body began to rot, would the Du Zhu would really recover his sanity. Realizing that he was holding hands with a person who had been dead for many hours.

But strangely, Bai Weiwei’s body did not change.

Rather her pale complexion was much better. Aside from the coldness of her body, there was no reason to suspect that she wasn’t just resting.

No trace of the characteristics of a corpse appeared.

As Mu Yanjun stayed beside her, his eyes were getting brighter and brighter.

The divine doctor, that rotten old man was finally escorted in. He ate a heart protecting pill, “I estimate this old life is also mostly gone. “

Mu Yanjun had not slept for five days, who couldn’t see how physically tired he was.

Yet his whole consciousness was unusually awake, terribly sober and abnormal.

“After I let her take the medicine, she just fell asleep. I think I should have you come take a look, when will she wake up?”

The old man sighed as he went to the bedside to take Bai Weiwei’s pulse.

“In fact, this phenomenon is extremely rare, and it does not need a cure, but there is a particularly important thing to do…”

Mu Yanjun listened attentively, like a good student. There was a fire in his eyes.

The old man’s voice became quieter, “That is to heal another person…”

Mu Yanjun leaned forward, unwilling to miss his words.

The result was the rotten old man’s technique struck like lightning, and in an instant a needle was stuck in My Yanjun’s neck.

Mu Yanjun’s eyes suddenly widened, his hand already striking toward the top of the bad old man’s head.

Xiao Mo’s hand shot out and blocked Mu Yanjun’s attack.

After this sequence of events, Mu Yanjun was unable to endure and fell unconscious.

The old man touched his head, “I almost died, but my guess is, I will not live long anyway. It would be good if he woke up without going crazy.”

Bai Weiwei was not going to come back.

And Mu Yanjun’s condition was simply distress entering the heart and spirit, five viscera six bowels all developed problems.

Didn’t eat, didn’t sleep, didn’t think, didn’t move, he lived no different from the dead. If he stayed up for two days more, it can be assumed that he would also go together with Bai Weiwei.

Xiao Mo looked at the old man, “You will preserve the life of my family’s Du Zhu. If you can’t protect him this time, I will kill you by myself.”

Having said that, she turned around and silently went to the place they received punishment.

The old man sighed, “No wonder my master said, you can’t buy sweet potatoes in the capital as a divine doctor. Everyone takes me for a god, but even a god can’t make a person who wants to die to live, ah.”

Mu Yanjun only slept for two hours, then his eyes opened.

He was shocked, his eyes revealed a rare panic when he found himself unable to move.

The rotten old man saw he was awake, “I gave you acupuncture, your heart was in decline, but I gave you treatment. Otherwise, you would go to see King Yama.”

Mu Yanjun eyes were dark. His face was pale, but full of anger, enough to make others shudder.

The old man pierced him with another needle, “I didn’t want to save you, after all, your heart is incomparably poisonous. To save someone like you today, wouldn’t it mean that the world will be messed up.”

Mu Yanjun’s voice was soft and strange, “Let me go.”

The old man shook his head, “This I can not, I couldn’t save the little person in your heart. Saving you is compensation.”

Mu Yanjun suddenly began to smile bitterly, “You can’t pay, how could it be compensated, even if you saved all the world, it couldn’t repay one hair of hers.”


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