MGCH Chapter 222

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The Zombie King’s Heartthrob Girlfriend (2)

Song Yunhuan caught her attention. Perhaps it was because he was alone, and there was no woman who could get close.

She thought that this kind of man who didn’t have any woman in his eye was a challenge.

So she made a bet with her friends that within a month she would capture Song Yunhuan, this stubborn stone that never came close to a woman. 

Song Yunhuan had never been in a relationship, he was momentarily blinded by Bai Weiwei’s pure appearance, and accepted her confession.

The two became friends for three days, and had just reached the stage of watching a movie together.

Song Yunhuan saw through Bai Weiwei’s mask.

He even found out about her bet with her roommate.

Song Yunhuan, who felt cheated, published some of her deeds online.

Then he broke up with her.

Bai Weiwei felt so humiliated and wanted to retaliate against Song Yunhuan, when the virus broke out and zombies surrounded the city.

The man and woman who had just broken up were forced to flee.

Because there were so many fugitives, and there was only one van, Bai Weiwei couldn’t squeeze in.

Song Yunhuan was very kind, and pulled her up, but when Bai Weiwei thought of her humiliation, she was resentful. When she got in the car she pushed him from behind and fed him to the zombies.

She had just pushed him out when Bai Weiwei entered this body.

Bai Weiwei looked at her hand. Why didn’t you react and pull Song Yunhuan, now he was eaten by zombies.

Who was she supposed to complete the mission?

With his corpse?

No, now she should be thinking about how to survive.

The truck was carrying too much weight, and she was standing by the door. It was easy to get squeezed out.

Somebody was already pushing her out, if she fell, she would also end up being eaten by zombies.

The system reminded her again, “Side quest award unlocked, host please accept.”

Bai Weiwei: “Accept.”

If the reward was ultimate survival skills that would be good.

One step back, and make a space to hide in.

System: “Ding, awarded heartthrob personality.”

Bai Weiwei: Heartthrob personality…

What kind of use was this skill? Was she involved in the entertainment world, what could this ghostly personality do?

She would rather have a golden finger like being able to survive without eating.

Someone in the front of the van shouted, “You can’t, ah, the car can’t speed up, we’re going to get caught by the zombies if we do this.”

There were so many people, the car was weighed down. If the car failed, all the people in the car would be eaten by zombies.

“Or… have some people get off the car?”

Nobody knew who said this, but almost all the people in the car had the same thought.

But there was nobody who didn’t want to be a passenger.

To leave the car was to get eaten by zombies.

Bai Weiwei standing next to the back door of the truck, stepped towards the outside.

If they were going to get rid of some people, she would be the first person driven out.

Sure enough, some people started pushing her out without a word.

Bai Weiwei’s face changed, she looked back, and saw one of the seniors1 from her school.

A man who was usually gentle and polite, being so selfish and vicious.

What did she just say, suddenly a gust of wind, and the sound of the system rang in her ears: “Heartthrob personality, start.”

Suddenly, a floating caption with a pink bubble of love appeared. 

【Her little curls of chestnut brown hair were blown by the wind, the crystal-clear eyes shined with bright light, as pure and unstained as a deer’s.】

Bai Weiwei: “What the hell?”

The senior looked at her, suddenly his face turned red.

Bai Weiwei frowned, what was this about.

Another string of pink subtitles floated in front of her.

【Her brows furrowed, on her pretty face, sadness could be seen.】

Bai Weiwei: “…”

1: I first translated this as dean of school but then when I got to the later chapters I was like??? Aren’t deans usually much older…… thankfully I went back to double check LOL


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