MGCH Chapter 223

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The Zombie King’s Heartthrob Girlfriend (3)

The senior’s heart seemed to have been captured by her sorrow, he immediately grabbed her hand. “Don’t stand here, it’s easy to fall out, let’s go inside.”

Didn’t you just push her?

The attitude changed so fast.

The senior pushed other people away, pulled Bai Weiwei and squeezed into the back.

Bai Weiwei found out, the senior had a lot of power, a lot of people were afraid of him, a lot of people even followed his orders.

If it were someone else, during the end of the world, daring to squeeze onto a car like this would definitely piss off some people.

They came to the front.

There was a small group, and the senior was one of the people in the group.

The senior stuffed her in one of the innermost seats. “Weiwei, you sit here, wait until the car leaves town, my uncle will come and pick me up.”

And then he sat next to Bai Weiwei, looking at her with a shy expression.

Bai Weiwei pursed her lips, listening to them talking about how to get some people out of the car.

She found out, it turned out that the family of Lin Xiao, the senior, had a lot of authority, especially his uncle who was a leading officer in the military.

And this small group, all of them were like Lin Xiao, the second generation of a family of wealthy and influential officials.

And that explained why these people were treated so well.

Because the car was going to run out of gas sooner or later, but if this car had was a group of powerful second generation children1, then somebody would come to save them.

Bai Weiwei heard a scream, she frowned. What just happened?

She heard Lin Xiao say, “Don’t be afraid, there’s always someone who falls out on accident, you’ll be fine.”

Bai Weiwei looked at him strangely.

Was she familiar with him?

In the memories of the original owner, this senior was quiet and gentle, but he never played to her.

Did Lin Xiao secretly have a crush on Bai Weiwei?

She just thought that.

The pink bubble subtitles were back.

【Her lowered gaze was beautiful, a gentle cloud, like fog over the sea, fragile and pitiful, can’t help but hold her, protect her…】

Lin Xiao excited again. “Don’t be afraid, I’ll protect you, I won’t let you suffer.”

Bai Weiwei was silent for a moment, then knocked on the system. “What’s with the pink subtitles?”

Although she was the only one who could see them, she was embarrassed.

System: “Heartthrob effect captions, ah, that’s what you look like to others, touching and beautiful.”

Bai Weiwei’s heart was tired. “Can they be blocked?”

This kind of subtitles couldn’t help but make you want to die, so unbearable.

System: “They’re blocked, but the effect is still there. I think the subtitles are good, ah, can capture a girl’s heart.”

It was mental damage, ba.

When Lin Xiao was excited to protect her.

The system alerted her suddenly.

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability is at -40.】

Bai Weiwei was stunned. Song Yunhuan was still alive?

At this moment, the corpses that swallowed up Song Yunhuan, suddenly started making terrible hoarse noises.

As if they were afraid, as if they were giving a warning.

All of the zombies suddenly twisted, their rotting bodies smashed by a huge force of space, and twisted into pieces.

And among the rotting flesh and blood of the dead, a pale colorless hand covered in blood appeared, and slowly bent.

And then he slowly stood up, a wickedly beautiful face, black eyes with a red halo of blood in the center. He suddenly smiled.

His laughter was hoarse and strange.

“Bai Weiwei, I’m going to eat you2.”

Author’s note: Last one, very late, thank you for leaving a message and voting for me, see you tomorrow night. Muah3.

1: 牛叉 lit. cow fork (LMAO). Slang for “very powerful,” and can be used as praise or sarcasm.

2: I know he hates her right now and this is supposed to be srs but the wording just made me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

3: I’m pretty sure this is just an author’s note. In the future, if I come across any author’s notes I might not translate unless it’s of importance to the story. But this is the first I’ve seen so who knows if this even needs to be said lol


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