MGCH Chapter 232

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The Zombie King’s Heartthrob Girlfriend (12)

The system came back to life: “Maybe he sees you as food, up close you look like black pepper pork chop with parsley, from far away you look like pan-fried rosemary lamb chop. Host, you’re such a beautiful dish, ah.”

Bai Weiwei: “…”

Talking to this poisoned system was tiring. She wanted to change systems.

Song Yunhuan pushed the cart. He grabbed a plate of fruit and threw it to Bai Weiwei, then grabbed potato chips, chocolate, and a bunch of cookies and snacks.

And finally, some milk tea.

Bai Weiwei was buried in snacks and couldn’t help but say: “I want to eat, ah.”

What was he doing with snacks?

Song Yunhuan’s voice was calm. “Don’t girls like these?”

Bai Weiwei: “But just eating snacks isn’t enough.”

Song Yunhuan smiled. “I was afraid you couldn’t eat just anything.”

Bai Weiwei was so hungry she was starving, she could eat anything.

When Song Yunhuan finished speaking, he didn’t find it too difficult to take her to the meat section. Maybe the supermarket hadn’t been abandoned until recently because the refrigerator wasn’t broken.

There was backup power in most stores, but it wouldn’t last for more than a few days.

He had meat and vegetables in his hands, and carried a large bag of rice, pushing Bai Weiwei out.

Bai Weiwei: They looked like those aunts and uncles rushing to buy at a supermarket blowout sale.

When they left, Song Yunhuan seemed to see something that caused him to stop in his tracks.

From her seat in the shopping cart, Bai Weiwei watched as he put everything down and tell her, “I’m going to eat first, then I’ll take you home to cook.”

Bai Weiwei said enthusiastically, “Let’s go home, I’ll cook for you.”

System: Host doesn’t cook at all.

Song Yunhuan’s smile oozed. “No need, we have different diets.”

Bai Weiwei: “Don’t worry, I can make your favorite food.”

Song Yunhuan: “No need, my food is already on its way.”

Bai Weiwei heard the sound of a car. Then appeared several military cars around the corner of the street.

A familiar voice, sounding excited. “Weiwei, I found you.”

It was Lin Xiao, that idiot.

Bai Weiwei had helplessly knocked on the system. “Is the heartthrob effect still working?”

System: “Did you think the reward would go away? Blocking subtitles made you misunderstand. Hmph, I don’t care.”

【Blocking disabled.】

Pink subtitles floated up. 【She sat in the cart pitifully, like a princess trapped by a dragon, so weak, helpless and beautiful…】

Bai Weiwei couldn’t wait to dig out her eyes. These spicy eye captions.

Song Yunhuan was indifferent, “Your admirer?”

Bai Weiwei shook her head, “Just a senior.”

Song Yunhuan turned to look at her, his smile cold. “You really love seducing people. On the left side a younger brother, on the right side a senior.”

After he said that, he started walking again.

The people in the military cars didn’t see him as a zombie, but gave him a warning. “Kid, don’t get too close. Be careful you don’t get caught in our gunfire.”

He ignored them, pulled up his sleeves, and unbuttoned his collar a bit1.

Before anyone could respond, four or five people in the first car were dead.

Their necks were cut by Song Yunhuan’s sharp nails, blood gushing out.

His hands were covered in hot blood. He licked it. Not sweet, inedible.

His red eyes looked in the direction of Lin Xiao’s car.

He didn’t know why, when he saw the admiration in Lin Xiao’s eyes, he felt irritable.

Lin Xiao’s face changed. “Zombie?”

He stepped on the accelerator right away, yelling at Bai Weiwei: “Wait for me, I’ll be back for you.”

For now it was important to run. The car flew away.

Bai Weiwei: “…”

When Song Yunhuan was about to catch up, a military vehicle started to open fire. “It’s a zombie, kill him.”

But it was too late. Song Yunhuan walked through the bullets, easily killing everyone. He licked the blood. Inedible.

He stood among the pile of bodies, when he suddenly realized something and looked at Bai Weiwei.

When Bai Weiwei came back to her senses, Song Yunhuan had grabbed her hand and bitten into it. He swallowed the blood that came out.

“Sure enough, only your blood is sweet.”

He was excited, blood on the corners of his mouth, like a demon that had found food.

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability has risen to -25.】

1: ngl when characters do this it’s totally my JAM because you know they’re going to do something super cool (but kinda evil) and badass.

Cheese’s Corner: Does anybody else find it kinda funny that LX keeps ditching her but also coming back for her

Nigaria’s corner: I thought it was a zombie arc, not a vampire arc! >.< lol LX is such a pushover, I can’t understand how he hasn’t died yet… maybe it’s the cannon fodder halo, that protects you from evil so you can magnificently die at the main leads’ hands? Talking about that, I would now want everyone to please remember with me Chen Pao Hui, our beloved cannon fodder from arc 2 who was so lame even his name meant cannon fodder…


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