MGCH Chapter 234

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The Zombie King’s Heartthrob Girlfriend (14)

Bai Weiwei turned around. The fear in her eyes hadn’t faded. She tried to talk. “You’re not a monster, you aren’t.”

Song Yunhuan approached her, leaving her no room to retreat except to the sink.

He lowered his head, smelling her scent.

How wonderful, what a delicious scent.

Song Yunhuan smiled softly. “What am I if not a monster? Except for my appearance, I’m no different from the zombies walking around outside.”

Bai Weiwei was so scared her body wouldn’t stop shaking.

Song Yunhuan knew that she was scared enough today.

He hated people like Bai Weiwei the most, people who were all talk.

Clearly not feeling even a bit of affection, yet daring to string people along.

Didn’t she know…some people’s feelings couldn’t be played with?

Song Yunhuan gently reached out and touched her face, but the malice in his eyes had not diminished. “Are you still hungry? Do you want to eat more?”

Bai Weiwei couldn’t speak. She was scared and sad.

Song Yunhuan gave a regretful sigh. “If you don’t want to eat then rest. After all, our experiments haven’t started yet.”

Finished, he simply walked out.

The food on the table was still hot.

Song Yunhuan looked at them, thinking of the scene where she threw up. Suddenly his expression turned sinister.

Seeing him kill people, wasn’t it disgusting?

He also felt sick when he found out he was a zombie. He never stopped resenting Bai Weiwei.

Why was he alone a monster.

When Song Yunhuan was about to kick the table in his rage, Bai Weiwei came out of the bathroom.

Her eyes were red. She slowly, but no longer stumbling, walked over to the table, sat down, picked up her chopsticks, and continued to eat.

Song Yunhuan stood and watched her from the start to finish.

There was a faint wonder in his eyes.

He thought she would freak out and hide in the bathroom.

Bai Weiwei was slow, but her fingers weren’t shaking anymore. She picked up her food and ate it carefully.

Song Yunhuan’s head tilted. He watched her calmly, eyes sharp like a scalpel, very rationally analyzing her emotional changes.

Bai Weiwei ate a lot. When she couldn’t eat anymore, she just whispered: “You make good food.”

Song Yunhuan casually remarked, “None of the meat tastes good to me.”

Bai Weiwei’s fingers clenched into a fist. There seemed to be something she couldn’t stand.

Song Yunhuan continued: “Maybe I should find a few people and cut them up and store them in the fridge. When you’re hungry, you can cook them. Of course, fresh people taste the best.”

Bai Weiwei only felt a stir in her stomach, her face hard to look at.

Song Yunhuan smiled softly. “Don’t you think I made good food? Next time, how about I taste your food?”

At last Bai Weiwei couldn’t stand it. She jumped up from her chair and slammed her hands down on the table.

“That’s enough, Song Yunhuan you bastard.”

Bai Weiwei looked up, tears in her eyes. She grit her teeth and said, “You’re an a**hole, you’re the biggest a**hole in the world.”

The calm in Song Yunhuan’s eyes cracked a bit. Did she finally stop pretending to like him?

The tears in Bai Weiwei’s eyes finally fell, and she said in despair and helplessness, “You’re a jerk, you’re a monster, why do I still like you? Wuwu, I shouldn’t have liked you so much.”

Song Yunhuan’s dead, unbeating heart was caught off guard by her words.

A flutter.

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability has risen to -20.】


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    1. If having his heart flutter when a girl says she likes him makes him an M in your eyes, you’d better strap yourself in for some of the later ML’s. It gets wild!

  1. How can a dead, unbeating heart be caught off guard? 🤔

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