MGCH Chapter 238

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The Zombie King’s Heartthrob Girlfriend (18)

Bai Weiwei was in so much pain that she couldn’t hear him.

But she still didn’t care, “Song Yunhuan.”


This time she heard him and smiled before closing her eyes and passing out.

People had limits to their endurance. When the pain reached that threshold, they were bound to pass out.

But his drugs could really torture her, causing her to faint then making her wake up again.

Sure enough, Bai Weiwei soon woke up.

She suddenly opened her eyes wide open.

A loud cry, caught in her throat, broken and weak.

Song Yunhuan frowned. He wanted to see what Bai Weiwei’s limits were.

So if she didn’t beg for mercy, he wouldn’t stop.

It was important data for his future experiments.

But she was already in such pain.

Why was she still holding on?

Bai Weiwei seemed to be awake. Her hair was soaked with sweat, her face without color.

She seemed to be overwhelmed, crying quietly.

A soft and powerless, broken cry, it was hard to hear.

Song Yunhuan had a sudden urge to stop the experiment.

She was able to go far beyond his expectations.

Bai Weiwei was shaking in pain. She could barely look at Song Yunhuan, seeming to be begging for something.

Song Yunhuan breathed a sigh of relief. She finally learned to beg for mercy.

Just as he looked down and was about to ask her if she wanted to stop the experiment.

Bai Weiwei said, “Song Yunhuan, kiss me again?”

She was too quiet. If he hadn’t been able to hear the tiniest of sounds, he wouldn’t have heard her faint words at all.

She couldn’t focus. It took the last of her strength to talk, so the sound was barely audible.

“It hurts. If you kiss me…I’ll feel better.”

This sentence was full of fragility and capriciousness.

But for the first time, he didn’t hate her act.

Song Yunhuan didn’t know why his heart was in so much pain.

Trying to dispel this pain, he bent down and placed a small kiss on her lips.

Like it was a charity to her.

Bai Weiwei felt his kiss and looked relieved. She would be able to put up with the pain again.

She didn’t have the strength to talk anymore.

Even if she wanted to beg for mercy, she couldn’t.

Song Yunhuan looked at her, but he could no longer consider her as just research material.

Every groan of pain, every twitch of her muscles, every grit of her teeth told him she was hurting.

His handwriting was getting messy.

The form he recorded changed from cold hard data to Bai Weiwei’s bleak, miserable face.

Bai Weiwei suddenly opened her mouth.

She couldn’t say anything.

But Song Yunhuan could read her lips, and he saw her say, “Song Yunhuan.”

Song Yunhuan, Song Yunhuan, Song Yunhuan…

Was he the only thing in this woman’s mind?

Song Yunhuan’s fingers clenched. The pen in his hand broke.

The ink in his pen spilled onto the paper, and he shouted, “Idiot, useless woman.”

He was right here, what was the point of calling him? He was the one who put her through this torture.

Song Yunhuan threw away the record in his hand. He took out another dose of medicine and gave her an injection.

It was pain reliever.

When she was given the injection, her eyebrows straightened.

Song Yunhuan unshackled her hands and feet, and saw that she had been digging her nails into the flesh of her palms. Her hands were covered in blood.

He was stunned for a moment, before he started to lick her wounds, letting them heal.

He picked her up from the bed. Feeling him moving, she rested her head on his chest, as though depending on her most important person.

Song Yunhuan paused. He didn’t know what to do. He didn’t throw her away, but just held her.

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    1. It’s because of the comparison to Mu Yanjun from last Arc. Weiwei got him from -50 to 0 in no time flat, so now Song Yunhuan seems extra slow and stingy.

  1. I can’t wait until she use that hearthrob skill 😂😂😂 thank you for the translation 💖💖

  2. What a relief!! It’s finally improving.. I can’t wait to read the heart throb subtitles, lol.. so hilarious.. Sometimes I imagine life with silly (and violent) subtitles… :3

  3. Well he’s a zombie, he can’t feel much with a dead heart so it’s taking it’s time prolly?

    –The form he recorded changed from cold hard data to Bai Weiwei’s bleak, miserable face. —
    😂😂😂 even in his drawing, it’s her miserable face


  4. I’ll be honest here.

    I hate (physical) torture scene! So this arc and the last one turns me off, good thing cannibalism hadn’t been shown yet (ML is a zombie, so my brain doesn’t register him cannibalising other humans). It is also good that this is all in writing and I am reading it (cause my brain filters stuff, and don’t let me vividly imagine these scenes).

    With all said and written, here’s the main point, when will I see mental torture towards ML? When? And when will these tortures stop?

  5. Only 5 more points… I’m so looking forward to the heart throbbing effect. Hehehe… I’ll get my revenge then.

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