MGCH Chapter 241

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The Zombie King’s Heartthrob Girlfriend (21)

But it was because they couldn’t go to the coffee shop, the theaters didn’t have electricity, and shopping was monotonous, so he chose an amusement park?

Bai Weiwei let go of him, embarassedly ducking her head. “Did you ever have a crush on me?”

Song Yunhuan’s face was expressionless. “You told me.”

Which one of her eyes saw him fall in love with her?

Secretly love her? Hah, his taste was not that low.

Bai Weiwei continued proudly, “If you’re not secretly in love with me, how did you know this was my favorite amusement park?”

Song Yunhuan: He didn’t have much choice concerning date spots. He just picked it.

Bai Weiwei turned her head and smiled, “I’m so happy.”

Song Yunhuan had intended to mock her, but somehow swallowed it down.

Bai Weiwei ran to the ferris wheel. “Let’s sit here.”

Song Yunhuan sat up with a dull look.

When the ferris wheel reached the highest point, Bai Weiwei looked out, eyes shining.

“Song Yunhuan, what do you see?”

Song Yunhuan: “Ruins, zombies, vultures…”

Bai Weiwei’s smile froze, and she hurriedly interrupted him. “Look at the sky.”

Song Yunhuan looked up at the gray and gloomy sky. It was hard to see anything.

Bai Weiwei’s voice was soft. “A long time ago, I heard that there was a couple on a ferris wheel. It was like sitting in the heavens. And then slowly, the two of them walked through the heavens, together for four seasons, through their lives.”

Her voice didn’t have that coquettish vibe.

Nor did it have that practiced sweet smile.

On the contrary, it was a little warm and a little sad.

Bai Weiwei looked outside, trapped in a memory. “My parents also got engaged on the ferris wheel.”

Although Song Yunhuan was bored, he still needed to respond with a sentence. “Oh, that’s good.”

Bai Weiwei laughed. “Yes, ah, very romantic, isn’t it? But my dad died, and my mother abandoned me.”

Song Yunhuan: “…”

Bai Weiwei reached out and gestured. “You know what? When I was a little over four years old, my mom brought me to the amusement park. She told me to wait for her. I waited until the end, but in the end became a part of the orphanage.”

“Then I was adopted, but when they had their own children, I lost favor.”

“I ate leftovers, wore clothes people didn’t want. For a while, I thought I’d starve to death.”

At this point, Bai Weiwei laughed with a sad smile.

“I know you look down at me. I’m a hypocrite, I used my appearance to cheat men, even thought of marrying into a rich family.”

Song Yunhuan kept his lips closed. He didn’t know she had suffered so much.

Bai Weiwei scoffed at herself. “Of course I know how ugly I am. But you’ve never gone hungry, you don’t know what it feels like, I was scared. What’s wrong with wanting to live a good life?”

Song Yunhuan’s eyes dropped. He calmly asked, “Then why did you approach me?”

He shouldn’t have been her target.

When Bai Weiwei heard him, she was silent for a long time before she whispered, “I bet with my roommates that I would be able to capture you.”

Song Yunhuan’s eyes were cold. “Oh.”

Bai Weiwei sounded weaker, “But, I had noticed you a long time ago. Your parents divorced, you were alone. You never felt the need to be like me, pretending to be sweet to please people. Benevolent and kind-hearted. Independent, good grades. I envied you very much, ah.”

Song Yunhuan: “Envy?”

Bai Weiwei finally looked up at him, eyes shining with worship. “Yeah, ah. You’re different from me, ah, you’re good. You can fix your computer, the professors say you’re good, and if you don’t care about others, then you don’t care about others.”

Song Yunhuan: What was so enviable about that? Wasn’t he considered a loner by others?

Bai Weiwei had a sweet smile. “I can’t, I can’t live without trying to please others.”

Song Yunhuan had never seen Bai Weiwei look so embarrassed.


He heard her say.

“I’ve liked you for a long time.”


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  1. –Secretly love her? Hah, his taste was not that low.–

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  2. ““Song Yunhuan, what do you see?”

    Song Yunhuan: “Ruins, zombies, vultures…”

    Bai Weiwei’s smile froze, and she hurriedly interrupted him. “Look at the sky.”

    Song Yunhuan looked up at the gray and gloomy sky. It was hard to see anything.”

    Oh, he’s so romantic… What happened to the guy from last chapter who wanted to give her a proper date, to compensate her for sticking through the experiment even when it was a pain worse than death?

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