MGCH Chapter 248

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The Zombie King’s Heartthrob Girlfriend (28)

The zombies seemed to be under his control. Every time Song Yunhuan took a shot, the zombies threw up their hands and applauded.

Bai Weiwei felt… oh, she didn’t feel anything… just sauce1

Song Yunhuan’s strength was now much greater than that of humans, so for him, it was easy to throw three-pointers.

When he threw the ball, he casually glanced in the direction of the audience.

He saw Bai Weiwei sitting in the seat, her face a little pale.

Bai Weiwei was yelling at the system, “What to do, that zombie’s intestines fell out, ah, ah. And is that a human hand it that zombie’s mouth. Mom, that zombie is naked, ah. It’s a rotten jj…” when…

A shadow loomed over her.

Bai Weiwei looked up and saw Song Yunhuan holding a basketball and smiling.

“What, does my playing look bad?”

Bai Weiwei replied instantly. “Looks good, looks good, very beautiful.”

Song Yunhuan’s face darkened. She didn’t see it.

It was a lie.

Saying she was moved, was also fake.

Song Yunhuan threw the basketball. It slammed into the basketball hoop, smashing it.

Then he turned and shouted at the zombies, “Roll2!”

The zombies scattered and fled.

Silence fell on the stadium again.

Only one basketball rolled past.

Song Yunhuan walked back with a cold face after all the zombies left.

Bai Weiwei immediately reacted and chased after him.

Song Yunhuan’s pace was very quick, and she soon lost sight of him.

Bai Weiwei: “One second he’s good, the next second he changes. I don’t understand this otaku’s mind.”

The system said in a profound voice, “I know, a daren who likes cute little sisters, royal older sisters, cat ear girls, harems, white clad pure saints, witches, little maids, queens…”

Bai Weiwei: “Roll.”

Well, Song Yunhuan was a difficult guy to target.

Bai Weiwi could only accept her fate and keep up.

Halfway up the road, there were many more zombies.

And every one of the zombies looked at her with shining eyes.

It took Bai Weiwei a while to react. She had never seen a zombie until now because Song Yunhuan had always been with her.

Now Song Yunhuan was off being angry who knows where.

The zombies, no longer deterred by Song Yunhuan, surrounded her.

They moved quickly. The smell of rotten meat permeated the air.

Bai Weiwei’s face changed. She immediately turned and ran.

The zombies were like predators that found fresh meat. They chased after her, groaning hoarsely.

And Bai Weiwei only had a normal person’s physique. Even if she tried her hardest, she still couldn’t shake off these fast moving zombies.

A zombie reached out, already touching her back.

Bai Weiwei wanted to blow up her entire body, even though she wouldn’t turn into a zombie.

But if the zombies scratched her, it wouldn’t be good.

Zombie hands were so dirty, with stuff like dirt or dandruff. Brushing against her, it was too much.

She tripped over a rock, her whole body flying forward and falling to the ground.

She snorted and instinctively rolled to the side.

Several zombies fell right where she had landed.

But this was her limit.

Another zombie jumped towards her.

Bai Weiwei’s pupils constricted. She hardly thought before shouting, “Song Yunhuan.”

As soon as she called him, the zombie was sent flying.

Then Bai Weiwei felt exhausted, and she was being held in Song Yunhuan’s arms.

1: 就酱 “just sauce”/”on the sauce” seems to be slang for “it’s just this.” Maybe something like “simple as that?”

2: 滚 lit. roll. This has been mentioned before, and this will be the last time, but it basically means to eff off. It’s a very commonly used phrase in Chinese novels, and I’ve seen it translated as both “roll” and “scram”


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