MGCH Chapter 257

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The Zombie King’s Heartthrob Girlfriend (37)

Lin Fanpai understood. “I know you’re suffering, no one understands you. Alright, throw her in the lab, and slice her up for research. Since she’s immune to the zombie virus, I’m sure it’ll help us develop the vaccine. Look at how happy she is, ah.”

The system felt obliged to explain. “Uh, this uncle likes self-sacrificing people, and especially the Virgin Mary.”

Bai Weiwei: “So the heartthrob effect, is it to hang me?”

Her plan wasn’t that complex. She just wanted to get the vaccine and let Song Yunhuan misunderstand for a few days.

And once she found the vaccine, Song Yunhuan would also come.

She would show him the vaccine, get rid of the misunderstanding, and the favorability would go up.

Then Song Yunhuan would mature.

The result… seems to have… derailed.

Bai Weiwei crouched in a cage.

The researchers were already sharpening their scalpels.

They wore dark goggles in preparation for the experiment.

The system was helpless. “The goggles are obstructing their vision. The heartthrob effect will be weakened.”

Bai Weiwei held her head. “Why does this thing work through subtitles? This is too pitiful for the host, bah.”

There were a couple of zombies locked up.

The researchers started dissecting the zombie. It was a terrible scene.

Bai Weiwei’s face was quite pale. There were rotting intestines, heart, and liver.

There were rotting legs, feet, and fingers.

How will she eat later? This psychological shadow would starve her for at least three meals.

One of the researchers approached the cage. He hung his goggles around his neck.

“Or, why don’t we study this girl first, cut her leg…”

“Big brother.” Bai Weiwei smiled sweetly.

The researcher was stunned. His face flushed red. “En, then… let’s take a blood sample first. Don’t mind it. The wound is small, and you’ll be cured with a little medicine.”

And then he laughed and walked away with a giddy smile.

It was actually quite useful, this heartthrob effect.

Before the researchers could extract any blood, a wall suddenly burst.

On the reinforced, bulletproof walls, cracks spread like a spider web.

The next moment, the wall collapsed, leaving behind a huge hole.

A shadowy figure slowly walked in.

“Is it a zombie?” a researcher screamed.

It was the last sentence of his life.

His head fell to the floor.

And then that figure elegantly strolled over, reached out, and ripped off another man’s arm.

The man screamed and rolled on the floor.


He stepped and crushed his face. The brain splattered.

Then it was quiet.

The rest of the researchers, he carelessly disemboweled, digging into their eyes and bones.

In less than a minute, the entire lab was a bloody field of Asura1, no life.

Bai Weiwei and the system: “…”

What to do, too terrible. There was nothing to say.

He stepped on a bloody mass, approaching Bai Weiwei’s cage.

“Weiwei, how does it feel to be betrayed?”

She tried to escape and seek refuge with others. He simply let the zombies bite her, exposing her secret.

She was sent to the lab.

Hopeless and painful.

Just like him.

Bai Weiwei’s voice trembled. “Just hear me out.”

She felt her pockets. 

Left… not there.

Right… not there.

What? She knocked on the system. “Why is my vaccine missing?”

System: “Uh, it seems, the pocket was too shallow. You dropped it when you were dragged in.”

Bai Weiwei: I knew it, I should have put it in my chest. At least I would have felt it drop, ah.

Bai Weiwei slowly raised her head, looking at Song Yunhuan standing outside the cage.

He gave a calm but hair-raising smile. “Explain, ah, what are you going to explain?”

He reached out, gently broke the bars on the cage, and walked inside.

He extended his hand to cup Bai Weiwei’s pale, unrecognizable face. His smile grew twisted.

“I finally found you, Bai Weiwei.”

1: Asura plays a role in both Hindu and Buddhist mythology and have slight differences between them, but both seem to describe Asura as demigods in conflict with other deities called devas (or Devas). Buddhist asuras seem to be more closely associated with vices, while Hindu asuras can have both good and bad qualities.


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  2. Well, the humans would’ve confiscated it anyways if it wasn’t for a drop when they finally decided to cut her up

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