MGCH Chapter 258

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The Zombie King’s Heartthrob Girlfriend (38)

Bai Weiwei felt his hand was cold. His eyes were also so cold that her scalp was numb.

Her voice was a little shaky. “I just… wanted to get the vaccine. Song Yunhuan, you have to believe me.”

Song Yunhuan rubbed her face with his fingers. He smiled horribly. “Oh, yeah? I saw you with that… Lin Xiao, running happily. Aren’t you going to get married?”

Bai Weiwei: Rumors could kill, ah.

Song Yunhuan lowered his head, hair covering his red eyes. A handsome face, with a demonic, ferocious smile.

His voice was dark and cold.

“Did you know? I hate being betrayed.”

Suddenly, a huge force surged and squeezed the iron cage holding Bai Weiwei.

The iron bars twisted instantaneously.

Bai Weiwei gasped. Like a punch to the chest, painful enough to vomit.

Song Yunhuan looked at her coldly. He had thousands of ways to torture her.

He increased the air pressure. Bai Weiwei couldn’t help but shake.

She gasped for air but was unable to take in a trace of it.

Just when she thought she would completely suffocate, the oppressive force receded. She relaxed, gasping for breath.

But before she could catch her breath, Song Yunhuan forced her head back and kissed her hard.

He was obviously trying to torture her.

But why did he let her go, let her live?

Song Yunhuan bit her lip, sharp teeth piercing her **1. Blood gushed out.

The sweet, bloody taste drove him insane.

He’d been desperately trying to deny it.

He didn’t like Bai Weiwei at all.

He was not going to invest more emotion into this woman.

He really couldn’t like her.

Song Yunhuan licked the blood on her lips. His fingers pinched her arm, itching to break it.

Bai Weiwei hurt so much her face was white. She finally couldn’t help struggling.

Her struggle no doubt irritated Song Yunhuan even more.

He held her back, pulling her hair.

Bai Weiwei’s scalp was going to tear off. She tried to hide but couldn’t, tried to fight but couldn’t.

Song Yunhuan licked off all the blood. His tongue snaked past her lips, wanton and rough.

It was a wild, crazy entanglement that completely ignored whether the other person could withstand it.

It made Bai Weiwei think that she might just be the first woman in history to be kissed to death by a man.

She struggled to grab the twisted iron bars with one hand, trying to avoid this terrible kiss.

Song Yunhuan suddenly let her go.

Bai Weiwei tried to escape, but would Song Yunhuan, who was not a good man, really let her escape again?

Before she could even think about it, her back was torn by sharp fingernails.

The cold nails were so sharp they didn’t look remotely human.

In shock, Bai Weiwei clutched the clothes to her chest. Her entire back was exposed, leaving only the rag on her chest.

Song Yunhuan’s kiss fell on her back.

It was cold, just like a snake’s tongue2.

After the cold, there was a stinging pain. His teeth sank into her back.

Bai Weiwei didn’t dare move. Her voice trembled. “Song Yunhuan, calm down.”

To be eaten… and it was raw. Such a heavy taste, Bai Weiwei thought she must have gone to the wrong theater.

He smiled coldly. “I am calm. I want to break your limbs and swallow you up completely.”

1: The ** were there in the raws, too. Based on context it must be the lips or something similar.

2: 蛇信 lit. snake letter. Because the forked tongue is an important part of a snake’s ability to maneuver its surroundings, it’s sometimes called a “snake letter”


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  1. To be eaten… and it was raw. Such a heavy taste, Bai Weiwei thought she must have gone to the wrong theater.

    Just wht the system do ugh. Why it doesnt tell weiwei that the vacine dropped .

    1. seriously, what does the system do? it takes her life pts to help her not feel pain, but what else?

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