MGCH Chapter 260

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The Zombie King’s Heartthrob Girlfriend (40)


His hand unclenched, reaching for the iron bar embedded in her stomach.

Suddenly, with a loud bang, the laboratory exploded.

Outside the lab, a crowd of people cheered. They finally killed an advanced zombie.

But in the next second, a man holding a figure in his arms sprinted out of the flames.

When the fire touched him, it twisted and automatically retreated.

Song Yunhuan’s eyes were red. He tightly clutched the person in his arms. He looked like a beast backed into a corner.

Not waiting for the people outside to attack, he lifted his head and howled.

The zombies shook.

From both near and far, they rushed to attack humans.

Another massive wave of zombies.

And this wave was bigger than any other they had encountered before. It was terrifying.

Every zombie heard the order and madly attacked the base.

Song Yunhuan disappeared with Bai Weiwei.

– – – – – – – – – –

Song Yunhuan did not return home.

When Bai Weiwei ran away, he had smashed everything in the house that could be smashed.

Because when he saw the couch he thought of her.

He saw the kitchen and thought of her.

He saw the dresses and thought of her.

Everything he saw reminded him of her.

He didn’t feel this terrible when he was alone, but then Bai Weiwei entered his life and walked out so brutally.

He suddenly couldn’t stand this silence and emptiness.

It was enough to drive him insane.

When he arrived at the location he chose, he placed her in bed and started surgery.

The abdominal wound was simple. The issue was the blood loss.

When he attacked the base, he brought with him surgical equipment and blood bags, so the operation went very smoothly.

He waited for her breathing to steady.

It wasn’t life threatening.

Song Yunhuan realized she was almost completely naked.

He wanted to use his abilities and heal her quickly.

But he thought of her running away as soon as she recovered.

Song Yunhuan’s heart distorted even more. He would rather she didn’t recover and never be able to stand on her own.

If he couldn’t kill her, he’d lock her up. See how she would change her mind then.

In the middle of the night, she ran a high fever.

Song Yunhuan sat there, watching her with dark eyes.

This stupid idiot wouldn’t betray him, would she?

Bai Weiwei shuddered in pain.

When she stabbed herself in the stomach, the remaining life subsistence guarantee automatically activated.

But after a day of shielding, the pain in her abdomen began to throb.

She stared at Song Yunhuan in confusion.

She knocked on the system. “Did the favorability go down by a lot?”

Why did she feel like Song Yunhuan was looking at her with awful eyes? Like he couldn’t wait to chew on her and swallow her up.

System: “Didn’t rise, didn’t fall.”

Bai Weiwei heaved a sigh of relief. She’d thought that this misunderstanding would completely wipe out all her favorability.

She could just relax and pick up from where she left off.

A cold hand touched her forehead.

Bai Weiwei sighed comfortably, and couldn’t help but smile.

Song Yunhuan stiffened at her dazed smile.

He hesitated before removing his hand.

He was trying to erase her mind, to make her a fool who would only listen to him.

The normal Bai Weiwei was too deceitful.

Even if her IQ in other places isn’t as high as his, but only but in the aspect of deceiving men’s feelings, is she self-taught, and just by opening her mouth can make people’s hearts feel for her.


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  1. … He was going to make her a fool like in the other lives. Damn what’s his problem with functional women?
    Many thanks

  2. “Even if her IQ in other places isn’t as high as his, but only but in the aspect of deceiving men’s feelings, is she self-taught, and just by opening her mouth can make people’s hearts feel for her.”

    Wow! His intuition is so on point…

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