MGCH Chapter 261

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The Zombie King’s Heartthrob Girlfriend (41)

Just like what happened in the base.

Whoever saw her, wanted to be with her.

Lin Xiao.

A random passerby.

Even if she was locked up in the lab in the end, those cold-hearted diligent researchers would still open the back door for her and try to prolong the experimentation time as much as possible.

Just for her to live longer.

How can she induce so many people to make an exception for her?

Song Yunhuan suddenly saw her frowning uncomfortably, her face burning red, so pitifully that it couldn’t be described.

He suddenly stood up and quickly took the antipyretic drug, but didn’t give it to her.

Song Yunhuan threw the medicine away.

He shouldn’t be soft and let her suffer.

But after waiting for three minutes, he resigned himself to feed her the medicine.

Bai Weiwei obediently took the medicine, and there was no such thing as her usual hateful appearance.

After eating the medicine, Bai Weiwei seemed to feel better. She opened her eyes but her eyes lost focus. She saw Song Yunhuan, and her consciousness was somewhat unclear.

When she realized who he was, her brow wrinkled deeper and she softly said: “Song Yunhuan, I didn’t lie to you.”

The storm of anger in Song Yun’s eyes condensed.

At this time, she was still trying to gain his sympathy by deceiving him. 

She could be ruthless to herself, and even more vile and ruthless to him.

Bai Weiwei saw that he did not believe her and reached out to pull his sleeves, her voice was anguished.

“Song Yunhuan, can you believe me?”

She almost cried as she asked.

Song Yunhuan only felt that his reasoning was falling apart, his anger making him violent, and her desolated pleading tore him apart, letting his mind almost breakdown.

“Song Yunhuan, I…”

She could not finish her sentence, as he bowed his head and kissed her.

Forcefully blocking her lips and leaving her dazed, so that she could no longer deceive and seduce him.

Bai Weiwei wasn’t completely awake yet, added to the pain of the wound and being muddleheaded from the high fever, she fainted after just being kissed for a while.

Song Yunhuan did not leave her immediately but maintained his posture leaning over her.

A long-time later, he left her lips with a difficult-to-understand expression showing in his eyes. The heart in his chest that had already stopped working long ago protested once again.

He stood by her for a long time and saw that she couldn’t really rest because of the pain, and she could only repeatedly suffer in torment.

Being in more pain was good.

It was the price to pay, in order to remember to not betray him again.

Even though this was what his reason was thinking, but he already couldn’t help gently placing his hand on her abdomen, with fingers warmed up because of his power.

This warmth lessened the pain of the wound.

Bai Weiwei’s brows finally relaxed.

Soon after, she fell asleep peacefully.

Song Yunhuan stood by her bed all night, letting her smoothly overcome this dangerous period.

At daybreak, he had no other choice but to admit it.

He couldn’t kill this woman.

Song Yunhuan smiled bitterly and admitted, he hated her, but still liked her.

Unable to suppress.

Yes, he was useless, he had already reached this point, yet he still liked her.

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability has risen to 65.】

– – – – – – – – –

Bai Weiwei finally woke up, and she asked the system how much time had passed as soon as she was awake.

The system told her that it had been a week.

Bai Weiwei touched her abdomen that was firmly wrapped in bandages.

Such deep wounds, and at that time, in order to redeem her situation, she threw away moderation so she estimated that the injury had been very heavy.

She was unable to get out of bed, but that didn’t prevent her from observing the surroundings.

This place was…

A luxurious and expensive big bed with an expensive tufted thick carpet on the floor.

Round white sofas and beautiful vases with fresh roses.

Huge floor-to-ceiling windows, with thick dark green curtains.

Compared to Song Yunhuan’s home, the luxury here was just like a palace that should not really exist here.

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