MGCH Chapter 265

Translator: Dodo

Proofreader/editor: Piper

The Zombie King’s Heartthrob Girlfriend (45)

Bai Weiwei’s luminous eyes moistened, “But I am human.”

This sentence made Song Yunhuan unable to respond for a while, but soon, his heart shook. 

Bai Weiwei said: “I will become old and eventually die. I don’t have much time to wait for you.”

Song Yunhaun did not think much about that because he had always wanted to become a human.

If he keeps his zombie physic, then when she dies, he might still be young and alive.

It was terrible just imagining it.

Bai Weiwei smiled bitterly. “So I hope that you can become a human more than anyone else. No, it’s to hope that all zombies can become human again and let the world return to normal.”

Song Yunhuan sneered. “I didn’t know you had such a virtuous mindset.”

In spite of his ridicule, Bai Weiwei tone became excited. “I am not virtuous at all. I hope that after returning to normal, we can date on campus like an ordinary couple, be able to walk in the crowd, go to a lively amusement park, and sit on a ferris wheel while eating cotton candy together.

She lowered her tone. “I hope you are human more than anyone, really.” 

“Bai Weiwei,” he suddenly said.

Bai Weiwei looked up, her face confused.

“Even if you are this pitiful, I still won’t believe you.”


“I realized that not being human is pretty good, because the power of the zombies made me aware of your ability. If this world becomes normal again, and I became a human, you won’t be mine anymore.”

Song Yunhuan sneered again, his eyes ridiculing.

“I used to be just a lonely introvert with no money. If it wasn’t because of a bet, you wouldn’t have approached me. How wonderful life is now, the end of the world has come, and you can’t stay alive on your own. You can only be at my mercy now.”

Bai Weiwei looked as if she has been wronged and afraid.

Song Yunhuan was very self-aware. “I am very dark, aren’t I? And extremely despicable. Unfortunately, you are stuck with a monster like me .”

Bai Weiwei seems to be at a loss. “But you… you can’t lock me up for a lifetime.”

Song Yunhuan: “I can.”

Bai Weiwei tried to convince him, “But I can’t accompany you for a lifetime. The life span of human beings aren’t long…”

Song Yunhuan said, “I won’t let you die. Even if you turn into a monster like me, I will not let you die.”

Bai Weiwei finally couldn’t stand it, “Song Yunhuan, you are crazy.”

Song Yunhuan laughed self-deprecatingly, “Now you know?”

He really was crazy, but it was her who force him to become like this.

Bai Weiwei angrily grabbed his collar. “Song Yunhuan, will it kill you to believe me?”

Song Yunhuan replied coldly: “It will.”

Bai Weiwei was in dismay.

Song Yunhuan’s eyes darkened. Believing her means being at her mercy, even loving her to the point of losing his mind.

Falling in love with a woman who doesn’t reciprocate your feelings, and wanted to run away all day felt like dying… even death was better than staying alive.

Bai Weiwei rubbed her eyes, her black and white eyes bloodshot, “How can I make you believe me?”

Song Yunhuan’s eyes became even more dim. He walked away for a while, came back with a small box, and then opened it in front of Bai Weiwei’s face.

In the middle of the box, there was a small bottle.

The bottle is filled with a light blue liquid that looks quite tasty.

“Do you know what this is?” Song Yunhuan asked maliciously.

Bai Weiwei frowned and did not speak.

“This is the semi-finished vaccine that I got when I picked you up, the vaccine that was combined with your blood. But this vaccine can’t make me a human.”

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