MGCH Chapter 269

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The Zombie King’s Heartthrob Girlfriend (49)

The inhibitors could make Bai Weiwei lose her sense of pain, but the damage done by the vaccine was irreversible.

In less than two days after drinking it, Bai Weiwei lost all sensation below the waist. Her eyes became extremely myopic, quickly losing all sight.

She was starting to lose hearing.

Even her sense of taste was numb.

Bai Weiwei: “Slagstem, I feel like im 70 or 80. Do you think my teeth will start falling out in a few minutes?”

The system was expressionless. “Oh, you’re just insulting old ladies. They can dance, watch the sunset, go to the spring. Can you?”

Bai Weiwei: What was the point to this system, apart from going against her?

Bai Weiwei sighed before she realized that someone was approaching.

She squinted her eyes. Even with her short-sightedness, she could still make out his short black hair and his pretty, bloodless face.

“Weiwei.” He excitedly placed her in a wheelchair.

Bai Weiwei felt that he was always excited.

Instead of letting the vaccine digest her into dregs, he would rather take advantage of her freshness and take her to the kitchen, chop her up, and boil her into a pot of roast meat.

He placed her on the lab bed.

Then she heard…

A woman screaming?

Damn it! She wasn’t dead, and this dead body brought another woman home.

And he was going to cheat in front of her.

Song Yunhuan disinfected his hands, preparing for surgery.

Bai Weiwei continued to look around for the women’s screams. Finally, she managed to see a row of iron cages in the distance.

In the cage were about 10 young women.

This scene was a bit too much, let her calm down.

“What do you want to do?” Bai Weiwei felt that she should ask the client.

Song Yunhuan already put on a mask and gloves. He looked at her, the shadows of his bangs making his eyes darker.

“I want you to live.”

He took out a set of scalpels and looked at the women.

“These are all the successful matches. Your organs are starting to necrotize. I’m going to change them for you.”

Bai Weiwei and the system were shocked.

Change out the internal organs.

What would happen with the living people?

Good luck, ah.

Song Yunhuan approached the women, his words calm and peaceful. “Because the hospitals lack electricity, all the organs in storage are rotting. The only suitable organs left are those of the living.”

“Song Yunhuan, I don’t want surgery.”

Bai Weiwei cried out in terror.

Song Yunhuan was unmoved. “I just want you to live longer, and use that time to figure out a way to flush the vaccine out of your system.”

“This is wrong.”

Song Yunhuan advised gently, “For revenge, you pushed me in a pile of zombies, so don’t feel guilty, because you also have the potential to be evil. And for me, as long as you’re alive, how evil you are, how willful you are, none of it matters. As long as you live, I’ll be happy.”

Bai Weiwei listened, her scalp going numb with horror.

She struggled. “Song Yunhuan, stop!”

Song Yunhuan opened the cage, grabbed a woman, and easily anesthetized her. He closed the cage and place the other woman on another bed. 

“It’s too late.”

His eyes were cold and his voice was calm.


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  1. Io___o| I see no evil. I hear no evil. I speak no evil.
    Indeed, evil comes at the most sudden ways. Completely blackened ML more villainous than ML villains
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  2. Well, I knew he will do something but not this. He is losing his marbles, and once she is gone he won’t have any left

    1. Crap, ML getting worse and worse… I think… after she’s gone, he would just eat her to be together then annihilate the world! And then… kill himself, following her!

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