MGCH Chapter 276

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The Regent’s Little Emperor (1)

The house was empty, completely lacking people.

Song Yunhuan didn’t know how long he had been sitting there. His eyes were hollow, and his smile gradually was filled with sorrow.

Suddenly, he stretched out his hand, then it began to glow blue.

The vaccine was his modified poison. Immediately after injection, you will be completely immune to the virus, but after some time, your body would turn into ashes.

Just like how Bai Weiwei died.

She was already dead. Lively crowds, beautiful campuses, and fun amusement parks, they were all meaningless now.

They could simply follow her. Everybody could die together.

Song Yunhuan’s body began to glow blue. Spots of blue light fluttered around him.

“You’ll get mad, Weiwei, but I…”

I can’t stand not having you by my side anymore.

– – – – – – – – – –

Ye Yuxuan couldn’t describe the pain.

He looked at Bai Weiwei, eyes full of grief.

He slowly reached out, wanting to touch her, but he was afraid that she would fall apart.

Just like the woman in his dream.

Bai Weiwei avoided his hands like the plague.

“What’s wrong with you?” 

Bai Weiwei and Ye Yuxuan weren’t particularly familiar with each other. They’d only met a few times, and their marriage was strictly business-related, so why did Ye Yuxuan look at her like the woman who abandoned him?

Ye Yuxuan’s voice was cold and deep, “Is it you?”

Under that cold interrogation, was a sense of despair from the experience of having gone through so many dreams.

Although Bai Weiwei didn’t know what he was talking about, she felt very comfortable saying, “I’ll be leaving first. Thank you for coming to see me today.”

Ye Yuxuan was probably here just because he saw that she fell ill, so he came over to take care of her, fulfilling his duties as a fiancé.

After bidding him farewell, she stepped forward. She was yet to take more than two steps before her arm was pulled. She felt dizzy as she was pushed against the wall.

Before she could come back to her senses, Ye Yuxuan gripped her tightly and kissed her hard.

Bai Weiwei: “…”

She was just about to fight when she heard a sharp warning from the system.,

【Energy reversal had been forcefully started, beginning the delivery of the host’s life energy. Target: Ye Yuxuan. 15 days… 10… 1 day… 1 hour… 1 minute…】

【Host’s life is in great danger, newbie gift bag had been rewarded. Ding, congratulations to host for acquiring 3 days of coma.】

Bai Weiwei felt like her heart was stifled. She was angry enough to vomit blood. Then she was swept away by darkness.

Her 15 days of life, ah ah!

Ye Yuxuan felt her body collapse. Blood trickled from her mouth, and she has passed out.

Stunned, he just held her, unsure how to react.

Qin Qiu, who passed by while on his night shift, saw Ye Yuxuan’s lips stained with blood, holding Bai Weiwei with similarly bleeding lips, sitting outside the ward.

Qin Qiu: It couldn’t be that this guy suddenly got emotional, if he didn’t kiss, he would bite, and Bai Weiwei couldn’t resist, so she got bitten to this extent.

So, did he just come across a kissing scene?

Didn’t he just tell him not to hold back for too long? Look at how quickly he used force. Animal, ah, an animal!

– – – – – – – – – –

【The goal of this task is to win Xie Yunting’s love. Target: Xie Yunting. Time: 6 months.】

When Bai Weiwei heard the system’s prompt, she jumped up as though she was struck by lightning. “15 days, my 15 days, 004.”

It was rare for her to call its name.

Unfortunately, the system didn’t dare to respond. It shrank itself, rolling into a ball trying to conceal itself.

“Y-your, Your Majesty, Young Master, you can’t shout like that or else something big will happen.” In a panic, a shrill voice came from the side.

Only then did Bai Weiwei discovered that she had already switched places.

She was in an ancient-times setting. Elaborate screens, antique tables and chairs, exquisite blue and gold decor1. Everything looked expensive and noble.

1: 金碧辉煌: lit. gold and jade in glorious splendor; a dazzling sight; the example given in the dictionary is a royal palace, so it’s quite fitting here.

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