MGCH Chapter 277

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The Regent’s Little Emperor (2)

She looked around. An old eunuch bowed towards her with a worried look.

The eunuch’s face was wrinkled, like a chrysanthemum. His voice was low and flustered. He whispered as he looked around, “This old slave knows His Majesty hates the thief, but right now the situation is critical. For now, it’s important for you to stay alive, my good master.”

Bai Weiwei found that the clothes she was wearing were not quite right.

She had experienced several ancient-times planes, so she was familiar with the clothing. She looked down at her clothes. She obviously wore a man’s inner cloth.

Broken, this was dressing as a man.

Bai Weiwei’s face changed. She couldn’t wait to receive the body’s memories.

She then heard muffled footsteps from the outside.

The eunuch looked terrified. He immediately shuffled up and knelt.

“This old slave had seen Tai Fu1.”

Bai Weiwei looked up. In the distance, a palace woman opened the bead curtain. 

A purple robe rolled in like a cloud followed by a man’s voice, cold and gloomy. “It is said that His Majesty left morning court and that the Ministers of Civil and Military Affairs refused to attend. I came over to see what was wrong.”

The eunuch shuddered, “Tai Fu, the Emperor’s illness resurfaced, th-thi-this… really unable to get up, ah.”


The man was very quick. With a cold and incomparable momentum, he glanced towards the bed.

He was naturally handsome with slightly upturned phoenix eyes; nose, mouth, and jaw all exquisitely perfect; black hair combed up in a jade crown, revealing a full forehead.

A jade tree facing the wind2. This sentiment was not enough to describe his presence.

He stood outside the bed and saw Bai Weiwei standing in bed. He smiled coldly, “Is this not very spirited? His Majesty is indeed sick, sick of me.”

When the eunuch heard this, he crawled over and hugged his thigh.

“Tai Fu, His Majesty is simply in poor health. He does not have this idea in his heart… ah!”

The man kicked the eunuch away.

“Dirty,” he said lightly.

Then he turned, his phoenix eyes clouded with haze3. “Your Majesty, it seems that this official has not convinced you. Since you are reluctant to sit on the throne, this official will send you on the road to meet with the former emperor.”

Bai Weiwei silently knocked on the system, “Don’t play dead, memories? I need them.”

The system dared to take the lead, “please accept this body’s memories.”

That head-splitting pain returned. Clutching her head, she shook a few times. She then suddenly tumbled off the bed.

She fell into a big embrace. Her fingers instinctively grabbed the other person’s clothes, and the scent of that embrace filled her nose. Her face paled.

This man called the Tai Fu was caught off guard, picking up the little emperor.

She was thin and delicate, and she fell like a breeze, drifting gently into his arms.

The man bowed his head and saw her delicate face covered in sweat. Her skin was fair, as the first snow. Her eyebrows were knit tightly, and her face showed signs of sickness.

It was unlike a fake illness.

Bai Weiwei wasn’t pretending. She had never experienced, her body becoming this weak after a memory transfer before.

Bai Weiwei couldn’t help but cry out, “Hurts!”

A young and tender voice, like a newborn chick.

The man with the phoenix eyes paused his motion to throw her out.

She was too light. Although he knew the little emperor was a prince who often fell ill4. He didn’t expect her to be this weak.

This was good, too. This way, she would die more quickly5.

This dynasty, it was time to change its name6.

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability is at -20. His hatred for you is so deep and beautiful, he hopes you will die sooner.】

Bai Weiwei: “…”

1: 太傅; not sure if there’s an exact title for this position. Best I could tell, it’s an assistant to the king. I’m not sure to what extent it differs from 摄政, which is the title used in this arc’s name.

If I look at the characters individually, 太= highest 傅= tutor; 摄= act for 政= government. So I’m assuming that a 太傅 is more of an official whose job is to guide or educate the ruler while that ruler is in power, while a 摄政 will literally govern in place of a ruler who can’t rule due to circumstances (absent, underage, etc). But that’s just my best guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

2: 玉树临风: someone tall, stately, and handsome, and whose movements are gentle and gracious.

3: 阴鸷: insidious and malicious, or thinking and deeply hidden.

4: 就三天一小病半月一大病; 3 days a small illness, half a month a big illness. Describes someone who is often ill.

5: 早死早超生 lit. early death early rebirth; to die early.

6: To change a dynasty’s name is to mark the end of the royal family and make way for a new ruler and new era.

Vannie’s Corner: I have the feeling that, if ML would be kept ignorant of MC’s real gender then, he will be entering the BL route XD

Piper’s Corner: obviously MC is crossdressing in this plane, so when people are referring her in their thoughts it seems we’ll be using female pronouns even if they don’t know she’s a girl. So don’t assume people know MC’s female unless they say so.

Also White convinced me to start posting earlier then than previously mentioned, so thank her. This arc’s schedule is 2 a day at 12am and 12pm GMT-0


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