MGCH Chapter 278

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The Regent’s Little Emperor (3)

The man rudely threw her back onto the bed.

He then ordered the people outside, “summon the imperial physician.”

Someone immediately left to fetch him.

The man looked down at her again, his face blank.

“It seems that His Majesty is unable to take charge, and does not need to review the accounts book. I shall take it away. The matter of Chen Jingzhi’s crimes, I intend to reconcile the matter for His Majesty.”

He glanced coldly at the emperor, his eyes emotionless.

And then he walked away.

A few steps later, the emperor’s quiet voice called out.

“Xie Yunting, we1 are fine. There is no need to do it yourself.”

Xie Yunting was about to leave, and the palace woman was already pulling up the bead curtains. When she heard Bai Weiwei call his name directly, she was so surprised she let go of the bead curtains. She immediately dropped to her knees.

Malice filled his eyes as he turned back. “Your Majesty, please repeat, this official is unable to understand.”

Bai Weiwei was so nervous she was trembling. Her lips were white. But her eyes, burning with anger, were dazzling.

She opened and closed her mouth several times. She seemed to want to yell at him. She was stuck, before hesitantly saying, “Xie… Tai Fu. Please let our teacher go.”

Chen Jingzhi was her teacher in this plane.

Xie Yunting thought the little emperor was not like before, boldly cursing, unafraid of death.

She even learned to whisper.

But seeing the previously noble and insufferably arrogant crown prince, who was now today’s emperor, endure humiliation.

Xie Yunting’s twisted desire for power felt extremely satisfied.

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability has increased to -18.】

He saw her lying in bed, her slim body like a willow, pleading, but her eyes were as bright as a comet, refusing to admit defeat.

Xie Yunting’s heart was unmoved. “Is the emperor beseeching this official?”

Sure enough, the anger in Bai Weiwei’s eyes grew stronger. The proud son of heaven, to be shot down overnight, the humiliation and anger were obvious.

She gasped a few times, her fist clenched tightly.

Her face was faintly red with anger. For a moment, it was hard to tell whether this beautiful face was male or female.

Xie Yunting felt something strange in his heart.

This little emperor was quite handsome.

“We…” The light in her eyes went out, at last looking despondent.

“We are begging you.”

Xie Yunting looked at her mildly. She was humble and low in this moment, but he was high above.

Like a king who determined life and death.

Xie Yunting relented once he had his fill of the emperor’s fear and humiliation. “Then I shall go to the execution chamber first. So that His Majesty will recover well, this official will withdraw.”

Bai Weiwei watched him leave. His purple robe rose with the wind, like an immortal.

The imperial physician arrived to take her pulse.

But finally, Bai Weiwei couldn’t endure it. She jumped to her feet and began to smash things. “Roll, all of you roll!”

The maidservant, eunuch, and imperial physician all left.

Xie Yunting had not gone too far, so he heard the little emperor’s bitter curses.

Sure enough, still a stupid, arrogant waste.

After Bai Weiwei threw the imperial physician out, she sat by the bed with a pale face, muttering to herself. “I nearly died. Taking my pulse would certainly reveal everything.”

She didn’t have that thing down below.

The emperor could not be a woman, so she dressed as a man. It could have been over in minutes.

Once again, Bai Weiwei looked at her memories, but she only felt a headache.

The plane this time was not good.

1: 朕: also sometimes left as the romanization “Zhen.” If you’ve read a few web novels set in ancient times, you may have seen this before. The royal “we”

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  4. Hello! Thank you for the hard work! I enjoyed every single chapter immensely! Oh just a tip though, after reading so many chinese novel with ancient background translation, I found out that the emperror usually call himsekf ‘Zhen’ — this is to signify his standing is higher than other person he spoke to. I’ve been thinking that maybe the word ‘We’ u guys use in this arc and imperial consort arc is a bit misused. Especially when the emperor on the previous arc proposed to weiwei, the fact that he actually change his ‘Zhen’ to a common ‘I’ to indicate that he is proposing as an equal standing, man-woman is soo romantic. hahaha just that but thank you very muchhhh for providing a readable translation! Greatly appreciated it!

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