MGCH Chapter 281

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The Regent’s Little Emperor (6)

Xie Yunting pointed out several memorials. His eyes were dark and calm.

“These memorials kill all of them.”

A light sentence determined life and death in a moment.

These memorials were all picked out amongst the pile of flattery, people who specifically criticized him.

To curse him, of course, was to defy him.

Even the previous emperor did not die a good death. These ants were nothing.

His subordinates immediately carried out his orders.

The eunuch who monitored Bai Weiwei also stopped in. He told him exactly what Bai Weiwei did and how she reacted.

Hearing Bai Weiwei calling him a beast, a traitorous thief, Xie Yunting raised his eyebrows. The corner of his mouth hooked up, and he lets out a loose laugh that made people shudder.

“Really a filial child, knowing that his father was thinking of him1. I can’t wait to let him accompany his short-lived relatives.”

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability has dropped to -25.】

Bai Weiwei heard the reminder and reconfirmed the target was narrow-minded and deserved a beating.

“Teacher, we’ve implicated you.”

Although Chen Jingzhi was her teacher, he was quite young, still in his twenties. Like Xie Yunting, he was much smarter than the average person.

But unlike Xie Yunting, Chen Jingzhi was unswervingly loyal, no matter how stupid Bai Weiwei was or acted.

He was loyal to her to the end.

Chen Jingzhi frowned, quiet and distant.

“To share a part of the burden of His Majesty’s worries is this small official’s duties. To be implicated in these matters, His Majesty honors this small official2.”

Bai Weiwei: “Then why are you being so distant?”

When she stood outside the cell, Chen Jingzhi was initially very close to her.

But before he responded, he changed dramatically, retreating to the wall furthest from her, sticking to it as though wanting to disappear.

Did she have body odor? Was she that disgusting?

Chen Jingzhi looked at her awkwardly and blushed. “Since childhood, this small official has had an instinct for avoiding danger. Seeing Your Majesty, I don’t know why…”

Thinking Bai Weiwei was dangerous and should not be approached. This had never happened before.

Was it possible, His Majesty nowadays seemed to be more… beautiful?

He quickly suppressed these terrible, improper thoughts. Beautiful was a word to describe women, not to describe the emperor.

Bai Weiwei: So she was so ugly3 was that dangerous?

The system alerted her: “That man is here, outside.”

Bai Weiwei licked her lips, took a deep breath, and then rushed to the cell door.

“Teacher, we’re now a man you can rely on, we will surely save you.”

Chen Jingzhi was very moved but seeing her watery eyes as if they were reeling him in, he pressed himself even more firmly to the wall.

Today’s Majesty, so terrible, such a feeling of danger.

“An excellent show of affection between teacher and student, unlike this thieving official’s detestable appearance.”

From behind came a playful voice as light as a feather.

Bai Weiwei shook. Fear flashed in her eyes, but quickly, her stubborn pride forced her to stand straight.

Even though those days were long gone, she had once been a prince, and even she now was the emperor of this dynasty.

Chen Jingzhi clearly saw her reaction and was stunned.

Bai Weiwei turned, seeing Xie Yunting sitting in a chair nearby. She didn’t know how long he had been sitting there.

Xie Yunting also stared at her.

She was small. Perhaps it was because the teenager hadn’t fully grown yet, unexpectedly giving off a sense of overflowing confidence.

Her face was red with anger. She looked less ill, the red adding a touch of brightness. 

1: The raws say “her,” but I’m assuming XYT doesn’t know that she’s female. This may be so that the readers know who XYT is referring to without he himself being aware, as the pronouns he and she sound the same when spoken aloud. Since the same can’t be said for English, I’ve taken the liberty to change the pronoun to him. Hopefully it won’t confuse you all too much ^u^

2: 折煞 : OH BOY this took me a while to figure out. Most descriptions say this is something said during ancient times so I’ll take their word for it. It generally means that one cannot afford (insert good thing), or that due to excessive enjoyment of (insert good thing), one’s life shortens (?). Like when parents receive their guest’s house gifts and are like “oh no, this is too much you shouldn’t have” but like, taken to another level.

3: 丑得跟老虎一样 as hideous as a tiger (poor tigers). When I plugged the phrase into Google I got some pictures of white tigers with scrunchy faces (probably a genetic issue) but I’m not sure if those pictures spawned the phrase or if the phrase already existed long ago because people noticed that not all tigers were handsome lol


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