MGCH Chapter 282

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The Regent’s Little Emperor (7)

Xie Yunting grew to be very handsome, and he was showered with both sincere and false praise.

But he only found out today that his good looks couldn’t even compare with the emperor.

He hadn’t even glanced at this glorified stepping stone, but looking today, it was more like a beautiful spring flower.

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability has increased to -20.】

Bai Weiwei didn’t even do anything yet. How did the favorability rise?

Xie Yunting was also fickle.

“Xie… Xie Yunting, we command you, release our teacher.”

Bai Weiwei’s face was stubborn, her tone aggressive, but her body wouldn’t stop shaking.

Truly looking angry and pitiful.

Xie Yunting’s obsession for power created dark and twisted thoughts in his mind.

He was very fond of offending his superiors, especially those who were far above him1. The pleasure of humiliating them into the mud.

And Bai Weiwei very much lined up with his tastes.

If she were submissive and unable to withstand a single blow, he wouldn’t have even glanced at this little emperor. 

But the more stubborn she was, the more he wanted to break her pride, make her kneel and beg for mercy.

Xie Yunting’s eyes were filled with a dark light. “Minister Chen is convicted of a crime that warrants death. I fear that the emperor releasing him would be a disservice to the public.”

Bai Weiwei was about to burst into flames. She was spoiled since childhood, and had always had a big temper.

Now fear, anxiety, and hatred came together.

She marched up to him and grabbed his collar. “Xie Yunting, you-you… you’re just a traitor, a big… traitor, traitor, you’re a traitor.”

It didn’t seem like she’d been exposed to foul language, so even to her mortal enemy, she could only keep repeating the word traitor.

Xie Yunting was initially angry because of her action, but then laughed at her clumsy attempt to curse him.

He laughed and laughed, before suddenly, with a violent burst of power, he reached out and grabbed her clothes, hugging her at the waist.

Directly restraining her on his lap.

Bai Weiwei trembled, her face reddening, as though stained with rouge. As brilliant as a cluster of flowers.

“Release us, thief Xie.”

But Xie Yunting felt like he was holding a soft cloud.

It felt nice.

He frowned. This little emperor was raised without having to lift a finger, and became an incredibly soft man like this.

He reached out and pinched her waist. “His Majesty is forgetting the taste of blood, to dare yell in front of me. Now, I am the one who decides who lives and who dies, not you.”

Bai Weiwei’s waist was sensitive. His pinch and the following shudder of numbness made her stiff.

She couldn’t help but look up. Her watery eyes were very seductive.

Xie Yunting felt his heart itch. He couldn’t help but look. Her cheeks were pink, her clothes in disarray due to the struggle. The collar was loose, revealing a delicate neck. 

A faint aroma drifted into his nose.

Xie Yunting suddenly lost control. His eyes were dark and terrifying.

But Bai Weiwei was furious. “You’re obviously the rebel, and you say other people are rebels, you’re simply… simply…”

Her voice quieted. She was unable to endure, and her eyes turned moist.

“You let my teacher go. I’ll give you the throne, okay?”

Being pushed to the limit, this was the only compromise she could make.

It was like Chen Jingzhi had become the last important person. She had to protect him, even at the expense of herself.

Bai Weiwei’s begging tone sounded particularly embarrassed.

She couldn’t help but bow her head, eager to see Xie Yunting.

This look, teasing but unaware, innocent but bewitching.

Xie Yunting’s body was stiff, and he had a hard time frowning.

Bai Weiwei angrily blurted out, “If you’re not willing then you’re not willing, why are you sticking a dagger in my ass?”

Xie Yunting’s lips trembled. He looked into her eyes, itching to eat her.

1: 高高在上: set up on high; not in touch with reality; aloof and remote.

Cheese: The ancient version of “is that your phone or are you just excited to see me” LOL


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