MGCH Chapter 284

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The Regent’s Little Emperor (9)

The eunuch kneeled, shivering. “Was this not your order?”

Letting the little emperor return to heaven as soon as possible, this was the general consensus of the people around Xie Yunting.

Xie Yunting remembered, he really couldn’t wait for the little emperor to die soon.

What was he doing?

Worrying that the wine would kill her?

Xie Yunting felt as though he were possessed. Could it be that he was holding it in for too long?

He licked his lips, his face becoming even darker.

After reading the memorials and handling his business, he went back to rest.

When he returned to his room, he saw several palace women kneeling outside.

“Who told you to kneel here?”

Xie Yunting paused his steps, sweeping a cold gaze over these people.

The person serving him immediately lowered his gaze. “Tai Fu, these girls are just the right age, and it is cold tonight. It would be better to have a warm bed.”

Xie Yunting originally wanted to kick away the former, not moved in the least.

But somehow, thinking of a bed warmer, the little emperor’s look of anger came to mind, that stunning face.

This brat clearly still smelled like milk1.

Xie Yunting sighed, perhaps he really had been holding it in for too long.

He walked up to the palace women, and looked at them one by one, dissatisfied.

He finally spotted one who was pleasing to the eyes. He was just about to raise his hand when he realized, why did this woman’s eyebrows seem so familiar?

They were just like the little emperor’s.

Unsettled, Xie Yunting burst into anger, “Roll, all of you roll!”

He walked into his room and came across a beautiful young man kneeling on the floor.

The confidant immediately said, “Tai Fu, if the palace women do not please you, it’s not as though there is nothing else.”

Xie Yunting had gotten rid of the witnesses, but the rumors still spread.

The people seeking to curry favor with him immediately sent people over, hoping that when Xie Yunting became emperor in the future, they would directly ascend to the skies with him.

Xie Yunting’s face darkened.

He gritted his teeth, “If you do not roll, don’t blame me.”

His words burned with fury.

Everyone immediately fled, afraid of being slaughtered by the Tai Fu.

And the gossip in the palace spread even more fiercely. The Tai Fu desired neither men nor women, only nursing a special affection for the little emperor.

Even Xie Yunting’s rebellion was for the purpose of capturing the little emperor, this overbearing Tai Fu loves me, these kinds of rumors.

And when the gossipy system heard this, it rushed to tell the host.

Gossiping was its favorite.

Bai Weiwei touched her face. “I’m just too beautiful.”

The system was overwhelmed by her shamelessness. “It seems the seductive temperament is starting to work.”

This temperament easily tempted a person into diving into the flames.

Bai Weiwei grinned. “There’s almost no difference from an early death temperament. Xie Yunting that guy, do you really believe that relying on such a trivial seductive temperament would get rid of him? I’m guessing he’ll come back to hack me to death with his sword.”

This rebel, so vicious and merciless, she was embarrassed for him.

It was a wonder he didn’t kill himself.

Saying this, Bai Weiwei poured another glass of wine, drinking to the moon.

This body was no good, ah, but its capacity for liquor was acceptable.

Bai Weiwei was originally a heavy drinker. She could not help but drink a few cups, and then a few more.

However, Gao Jixiang was terrified that Bai Weiwei couldn’t stand the torment.

He immediately came up to dissuade her: “Your Majesty, do not drink too much, you are still unwell.”

Bai Weiwei was about to put down the wine glass when she heard the system notify her that the man had already arrived outside the door.

She immediately adjusted herself and slammed the cup down onto the table.

“What bulls*it, pour the wine, in any case, I’ll be dead soon. Who in this palace doesn’t expect me to die?” 

Gao Jixiang secretly wept tears. His young master was too wronged.

Bai Weiwei, seeing he wasn’t pouring the wine, poured it herself.

Like she couldn’t wait to drink herself to death.

Seeing this, Gao Jixiang was worried. He grabbed the bottle, stopping her from drinking.

Bai Weiwei, furious, suddenly burst into tears. She threw the glass at the door.

Xie Yunting was about to push open the door. His hand paused.

1: 乳臭未干: smell of mother’s milk not yet dried; immature, inexperienced; wet behind the ears.


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