MGCH Chapter 285

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The Regent’s Little Emperor (10)

The voice from inside was Bai Weiwei, choking in anger.

“How could he rebel. Of all the people who could have rebelled, why was it him?”

This… What did she mean by this?

Xie Yunting did not step in. He quietly stood outside.

He also heard the eunuch’s anxious voice. “Is it not easy to know someone’s face but difficult to understand their heart? Young Master, don’t be upset.”

Tears streamed down Bai Weiwei’s face. She was drunk and as fierce as a hedgehog.

“I remember, when I saw him become champion, I begged my mother for a chance to sneak out of the palace to see him.”

So drunk she even forgot to refer to herself with “we”1.


Xie Yunting listened, remembering that year he became champion, he had proudly marched through the streets in celebration of his achievements.

At that time, people all over the city came out to see him.

The little emperor also went?

“And later when I returned to the palace and fell ill, I was scolded by mother. But I don’t regret it. Who is Xie Yunting, a 6-time top scholar and the first person I admired and worshipped.”

Xie Yunting, standing outside, was completely unprepared for her to say she worshipped him.

When he had seen her for the first time, the palace was already dyed with blood.

At that time, he had no impression of the look of hatred, but now it became clearer.

The little emperor’s voice softened. “Ah-Ji, you don’t even know how awesome Xie Yunting was at the time. So handsome, all the women threw flowers at him.”

This soft, naive tone.

Like a feather, floating into people’s hearts.

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability has increased to -15.】

After drinking, Bai Weiwei became excited and gestured wildly2.

“After, exactly as I expected, he served very well as an official. Do you know how happy I was? Every time I heard about what problems he solved, I could eat a few more bowls of rice that day. I didn’t even feel the bitterness of the medicine.”

Gao Jixiang started to cry again. His young master even worshipped Xie Yunting to this extent?

He used to spend so much time with the empress, and he didn’t even know.

Bai Weiwei excitedly rummaged through her drawer.

And then she brought out a little box. “Every time he finished a painting, I sent for people to deliver them to me. I’ve collected a lot. He likes painting the most.”

Bai Weiwei had combed through the memories. Of course she knew how much the original had hated Xie Yunting.

Because Xie Yunting was too enchanting, every time he did something great, the empress would scold her.

The children from other families are so good, why are you such garbage?

It wasn’t surprising that the original did not have good thoughts about Xie Yunting.

The original collected the paintings because whenever she was angry, she would tear them up.

She could use this collection to instill the idea that she was a fan.

No matter what happened to Xie Yunting, surely he would be better to his admirers.

As soon as she opened the box, her face changed.

Terrible, the paintings were completely destroyed. Some had a few holes, and a few even had graffiti scrawled on them, with characters like “Xie Yunting drop dead.”

The original was unexpectedly so resentful of the excellence of other family’s children.

If these were seen, she would be the one who dropped dead.

Before Gao Jixiang could see it, Bai Weiwei grabbed the bottle of wine, and poured it out.

And then she said coldly: “I forgot, the one I admire most has already rebelled. To still have these things, I’m ashamed to face my ancestors.”

After that, she lit a fire and burned the paintings.

Xie Yunting pushed open the door. He saw the fire and the scorched paintings. They were indeed his.

And Bai Weiwei stood before the fire, eyes wet and filled with endless grief.

“I used to think, if I were emperor, I would make him the highest official, and not let anyone bully him.”

Her tears slipped down her cheeks. Her words were sincere.

“I thought, when I become emperor, I would never be free. Then he could take my place and see how beautiful and prosperous the world was. A ruler and his minister in harmony. He would defend the country, and I would protect him with lifelong glory and splendor.”

For a moment, Xie Yunting didn’t dare to step forward.

Her words struck his heart.

“But, he turned out to be a traitor.”

1: During this entire “drunken” speech, BWW uses the normal “wo” (我) and not the royal “zhen” (朕)

2: 手舞足蹈 lit. hands dance and feet trip; dancing and gesticulating for joy.


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