MGCH Chapter 286

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The Regent’s Little Emperor (11)

Xie Yunting never expected that this little emperor worshiped him.

He was a 6-time top scholar. His future was bright, with many people flattering and fawning over him, and even more, people admiring him.

But the little emperor was saying it like this, calling him the best official, this person saying such big words like letting him defend the country, did not exist before.

He thought deeply, his face not showing even a bit of his surprise.

Bai Weiwei stumbled a few steps back and fell.

Before Gai Jixiang could reach out and pull her up, she had already fallen into Xie Yunting’s arms.

Bai Weiwei was drunk.

This weak body, on top of the alcohol, made her very dizzy.

Bai Weiwei quietly leaned into Xie Yunting’s arms like a cat, her face red.

Xie Yunting intended to push her away.

But thinking about what she said, his cold and hard heart softened.

She was just a young child when he rebelled. It was human nature for her to hate and be disgusted with him.

When the situation stabilized, and the forces outside the court were wiped out, he could easily change the dynasty and take the throne.

When she lost her value, she would die.

So allowing her to feel comfortable for now, it was his act of mercy.

Xie Yunting picked her up under the watchful eyes of Gao Jixiang. He could not help but speak with a cold voice: “His body is so weak, and you still let drink?”

The old eunuch’s chrysanthemum face wrinkled.

Didn’t Xie Yunting earnestly wish for his master to die quickly? 

The cat weeping for the dead mouse1, what did he want to do with this false benevolence?

This wasn’t good for his family’s young master.

Xie Yunting didn’t think too much about it and placed the person in his arms on the bed.

When he was about to leave, Bai Weiwei suddenly opened her eyes.

She looked at him, her wet eyes reflecting his figure.

Suddenly she smiled softly. Her rosy face was like a bright peach blossom.

“Minister Xie, you’ve come. Accompany us, show us how to paint.”

She got up, her hand pulling Xie Yunting to the other side of the palace. She pulled out another box.

It was full of paintings.

“You see, I painted them all. Seeing you paint so well, I couldn’t help but copy them.”

She grabbed the scroll painting and unfurled it. Cool breeze shakes the willow, the man lifts the boat, a fine scene.

All of these paintings were done by the empress to let the original owner learn.

The original owner learned, gnashing her teeth and tearing up Xie Yunting’s paintings. What a grudge.

How could Xie Yunting be unfamiliar with his paintings. This was one of his paintings, but it was copied by the little emperor herself.

Though lacking in spirit, it was very careful.

And this man with a marble heart, seeing his admirer so carefully imitate his paintings, he felt his heart grow warm.

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability has increased to -10.】

Bai Weiwei was so drunk she forgot that Xie Yunting was a thief.

She pulled him along and chattered about her worship. She placed the painting in front of him, picked up a brush, and asked him to sign it.

“How did you paint it? When everybody said you paint very well, I was very happy…”

“That time when you exchanged words with that rotten trees2 and shamed them into submission3, I was so happy, hahaha…”

“You won’t even wait for me to become emperor, and you’ve already become the best official, worthy of being the man I’ve chosen4…”

Xie Yunting had heard lots of flattery, but he had never heard such a straightforward compliment before.

He looked at her more carefully. Without the bitter hatred, her eyes were full of childish joy and brought forth a sense of happiness.

Bai Weiwei talked and talked, her voice getting quieter and quieter.

Then her head tilted, and she leaned on his shoulder, asleep.

1: 猫哭耗子 hypocritically faking condolence; to shed crocodile tears.

2: 朽木: rotten wood; hopeless case

3: 无地自容ashamed and unable to show one’s face.

4: 看中 can mean to choose or to fancy.

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