MGCH Chapter 287

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The Regent’s Little Emperor (12)

Xie Yunting didn’t like others being so close to him. He reached up to push her away.

But when his fingers touched her soft and warm body, she seemed to be a little uncomfortable. She gasped faintly.

Seeing this, wicked thoughts resurfaced in his mind.

Xie Yunting’s face was black. He clenched his fist, his ears burning red.

And then, as though running away from something, he pushed Bai Weiwei to the ground. 

He turned and walked, his footsteps messy.

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability has increased to -5.】

Bai Weiwei was still asleep. When she was drunk, even beating drums and gongs wouldn’t wake her.

Xie Yunting returned to his room. The eunuch waiting for him looked up and seeing his cold face, and a pair of cold, ferocious eyes.

The eunuch was too afraid to say anything.

Xie Yunting said, “I want to bathe.”

He hesitated and then said, “With cold water.”

He thought it would be better to bathe in cold water. In the end, he tossed and turned and couldn’t sleep that night.

With much difficulty he waited until dawn, squinting for a moment.

He dreamed of the little emperor, slowly untying her clothes, her red lips and watery eyes, her body deliciously tender and lovely.

He woke up with a start.

And so did his lower body.

Xie Yunting’s face changed, and he looked down at his spirited lower half.

Was he…

A cut sleeve?

– – – – – – – – – –

Bai Weiwei yawned as she left for morning court.

Two dragon thrones. One for her, and one for the supervising Tai Fu.

Of course, the Tai Fu turned the chair’s dragon into a jiao1, but his ambition was clear.

When she arrived, Xie Yunting was already seated in the jiao long chair, his face dark to a terrifying degree.

Seeing her approaching, his eyes shot out swords of ice.

Bai Weiwei’s face was also black, her face completely not good.

The atmosphere in the court was very depressing. The civil and military officials were also cautious and dared not speak.

After they finished talking about major national affairs, they finally came across some safer topics. 

For example, this year’s winter snow hunt.

The imperial family held a snow hunt every year. This year was quite chaotic because Xie Yunting rebelled and was now using the son of heaven to deceive the public2.

It led to many processes being ignored.

But the emperor was still alive, so these ceremonies must be carried out.

A minister also asked for the emperor’s opinion.

Bai Weiwei, who had been idly chatting with the system, didn’t respond for a moment.

Xie Yunting thought she had not heard, and coldly repeated the minister’s words.

“Your Majesty, what preparations do you need for this year’s snow hunt?”

Bai Weiwei’s eyes were even colder. “Is this not Tai Fu’s matter? We’re already half dead, what else can I prepare but a coffin.”

While drunk yesterday, the expression in her eyes was full of worship and admiration, soft and warm.

But now sober today, the expression in her eyes was burning with vitriol.

In contrast, Xie Yunting, who had previously not cared about the little emperor’s feelings, actually felt dissatisfied.

Xie Yunting snorted. “It seems that the emperor is feeling tired. Shall this official send you on your journey?”

Bai Weiwei smacked the dragon throne. “Send then, send. If you don’t, you’re a coward3. We see you eyeing the dragon throne with burning red eyes. Why not just cut us down now, sit on the throne and forget about it.” 

She was angry, and her voice was firm, as cold as stone.

Xie Yunting thought back to yesterday, her soft palm against his fingers.

“Tai Fu, sign this for us, we will treasure it.”

When sober, not half as gentle as last night.

This hatred and desire to go against fate.

1: 龙 vs. 蛟: 龙 (long) is the classic Chinese dragon. It symbolizes power and sometimes is even used to describe the emperor himself (or herself, in this case). The 蛟 (jiao/jiaolong) is sometimes known as a “scaled dragon.” While it, too, is powerful (the dictionary calls is a legendary dragon that can control rain and floods), it is not a symbol of imperial authority like the long.

2: 一手遮天 lit. hide the sky with one hand. To hide the truth from the masses.

3: BWW actually calls XYT a turtle LOL since, you know, turtles shrink into their shells when threatened/afraid


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