MGCH Chapter 288

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The Regent’s Little Emperor (13)

Xie Yunting didn’t know why his heartfelt pressed.

“I fear the emperor is lonely. Then the eunuchs, and servants in the palace and the criminal1 Chen Jingzhi in prison, let them accompany you on your journey.”

Bai Weiwei suddenly jumped to her feet like a little beast, lunging towards the jiao long throne.

Rushing to tear him apart.

“Xie Yunting, you’re just a criminal, your heart is vicious, you’re a tyrant2, you still…”

Her eyes were full of hate and sorrow.

“Even you have disappointed us, you let us down…”

When these words were spoken, everyone present felt that something was not quite right.


Disappointed who?

How did he disappoint?

Their ears stretched out as long as a donkey’s, but they dared not look up, afraid they would be cut down by the Tai Fu.

Xie Yunting knew that he had failed to live up to her trust.

After all, she once worshipped him so much.

Seeing her on the verge of crying felt wrong.

Without warning, she tore the clothes off his body, and his belt loosened.

Freed in this way, the inner clothes also loosened.

Bai Weiwei continued to tear at his clothes, almost like a bully forcing a woman.

How could Xie Yunting allow her to be so arrogant? He grabbed her hands and pressed her against the seat.

The seat was so big that for a moment the two of them rolled together.

“Seeking death like this, why not hang from the beams,” Xie Yunting voice was cold and gloomy.

Bai Weiwei’s blood surged with anger, “Even if we wanted to hang ourselves, we’d hang your head first. We were blind, you…”

She abruptly shut her mouth, as though she said the wrong thing.

If Xie Yunting had not been there last night, he might not have understood what she said.

How much she had worshipped him was how much she hated him now.

Xie Yunting briefly pondered whether he cared about what she was thinking, and immediately cast that thought away.

It only just occurred to him now how ambiguous their position was.

Her faint scent made him stir.

Xie Yunting looked down, seeing her delicately curled up beneath him. Maybe it was because she glared at him, but the corners of her eyes were red, like a teasing peach.

The wicked fire that had been smothered all this time flared up again.

Bai Weiwei didn’t understand so, “How are you always hiding such hard things in your pants?”

Xie Yunting was embarrassed and angry. Fury and lust surged, and he truly wished to silence her.

“Shut up.”

He stood up, wanting to walk away, but saw her lying on the chair. That delicate and weak look was especially beautiful and delicious. (E/N: Man he’s a beast, is that all he thinks about)

He thought of the countless eyes in court that had seen her like that.

Xie Yunting picked her up, then turned back and looked down coldly. “No more affair, the court is dismissed.”

With that, he rushed straight to the palace.

He threw her on the bed. His eyes burned fiercely, and he reached out to tear open her clothes.

Bai Weiwei didn’t understand, so she knocked on the system. “F*ck me3, what happened, Xie Yunting’s personality isn’t this impulsive.”

The system calmly flipped through the data. “Oh, this seductive temperament’s effect is more pronounced on virgins. Also, if they are aroused several times without getting aid, they will go crazy and use force.”

Bai Weiwei itched to strangle this system for not telling her something so important.

And Xie Yunting was still a virgin? So old and yet like this, it must be sexual dysfunction.

She struggled, “Xie Yunting, you are sober, don’t take your clothes off. Put them back on.”

Xie Yunting stopped. What was he doing?

He even foolishly had this kind of idea about her.

Something was wrong.

Bai Weiwei’s neck felt cold. A short white blade rested against her neck.

Xie Yunting’s eyes were still hot, but darkness was rolling in. “What medicine did you give me, to make me think about you, day and night?”

1: 罪大恶极 lit. crime is great, evil extreme.

2: 欺君罔上 lit. deceive the monarch and there is none above (or ignore everybody else); a derogatory term for a bully.

3: 卧槽: literally it’s nonsense, but it serves as a stand-in for 我操. Like how mud grass horse is used in place of f*ck your mom.


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