MGCH Chapter 289

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The Regent’s Little Emperor (14)

Bai Weiwei’s eyelashes trembled. “Thinking about what?”

Hearing her say this, Xie Yunting found out that his sanity had vanished. This kind, of remark that could be manipulated by others, was told like this. Bai Weiwei ignored his words. She was more focused on his knife.

“It seems that Tai Fu, is also afraid of death, always with a knife. Or were you unable to endure the remaining few days, and couldn’t wait to kill us?” 

She was like a hedgehog, pricking him each time she saw him.

Xie Yunting looked at her from top to bottom. His body still burning, but his mind was still very calm.

When did she start to fire the flames of his desire?

Was it that her face was too beautiful, but it didn’t have a trace of manly spirit. Or was it that her fingers were too soft, smell too good, her lips too. He thought and thought, leaving himself questions again and again. Xie Yunting hurriedly stopped his dirty thoughts. He knew he could not be interested in a man.

He had been holding it in for too long.

Bai Weiwei frowned, looking increasingly confused, “If you want to kill, then kill, the Xie Yunting we know is not as indecisive as you.”

Seeing her pure eyes, without a sign of weakness, Xie Yunting thought of her temper and knew she was unable to hide her thoughts. 

So, was he suppressing himself for too long the reason?

Xie Yunting surrounded his blade, slowly got up, and with a gloomy look, got out of bed. 

He was unable to bring himself to top a man.

Just take a cold shower.

When he heard Bai Weiwei follow him off the bed, he couldn’t help but quicken his pace.

As though if he walked gradually, he would destroy his current three views1

Bai Weiwei: “I thought I’d blow my cover.”

She was young and not completely grown, and her chest was bound. Moreover, the original owner, raised as a boy, so her temperament was not feminine. 

Except for her soft appearance, she could pass as a boy.

But once the clothes were stripped off, the heroic temperament was useless.

System: “You’re assuming too much, a man having to admit that he’s gay, it’s a very shocking and painful process. He’s really into you, but he can’t admit that he’s gay, so he must be struggling.”

Bai Weiwei: “So what happens after the struggle?”

System: “Don’t worry, the seductive temperament is one of the strongest, he can’t resist, the appeal. Who told him to be a virgin.”

Bai Weiwei: Fuck, I’m even more worried.

Xie Yunting looked at the row of handsome and beautiful boys in front of him.

His trusted eunuch smiled, “As Tai Fu, sees, these are all especially clean. They have already fasted and washed that place very well. It absolutely will not affect their work.”

Xie Yunting: “That place?”

The eunuch was used to Xie Yunting setting on a big front, the eunuch smoothly responding, “that X2 men only have one. They are perfectly clean, without any smell.”

The eunuch thought that Xie Yunting was simply yearning, to start playing with the delicate boys. After all, Tai Fu had directed them to gather a dozen fragile youthful boys. Truly in a rush, ah. 

These boys were naive. They attached themselves to Xie Yunting as though they would soar through the skies.

One after, another they hurried over. One, rubbing his shoulders, one massaging his legs, one affectionately feeding, Tai Fu grapes.

“It is this slave’s first time, asking Tai Fu to please take pity.”

Xie Yunting went stiff. He looked at the boy feeding him grapes, his open collar revealing a flat chest.

1: 正常的三观 There are all sorts of “3 views,” but I believe he’s referring to the 3 views of man? World view + outlook on life + value of things.

2: X花: the rectum is sometimes described as a chrysanthemum.


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  1. System: “Don’t worry, the seductive temperament is one of the strongest, he can’t resist, the appeal. Who told him to be a virgin.”

    Bai Weiwei: Fuck, I’m even more worried.

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  2. “Xie Yunting surrounded his blade,” Is “surrounded” supposed to be “sheathed”?

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