MGCH Chapter 291

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The Regent’s Little Emperor (16)

Bai Weiwei turned to see Xie Yunting standing behind her.

When she was about to raise her eyebrows and say something sarcastic, Xie Yunting lifted his hand, gently brushing off a few petals on her head.

This position was very ambiguous.

Bai Weiwei looked at his dark eyes, mind churning with thoughts, but could not grasp his mind.

She could only keep herself from falling by backing away several steps. “Tai Fu must be at ease. Why not quickly resolve the imperial forces eyeing1 the royal palace from outside, instead of leisurely strolling through my old and dilapidated house?”

Xie Yunting suddenly grabbed her hand and rubbed it.

Bai Weiwei: “…”

When he finished rubbing, he couldn’t help but touch her wrist.

Bai Weiwei: “…”

And then his fingers slowly touched her face, smooth and tender, like those lord rabbits used on that one day, at that one place2.

Bai Weiwei: “…”

Then he frowned, and in a shameless3 manner, readjusted his expression.

Bai Weiwei: “…”

Bai Weiwei readied herself to slap his hand away.

Gao Jixiang pounced over as though he were ready to die and hugged Xie Yunting’s thigh. “Tai Fu daren, my master is just a child, ah, you are a powerful man. If there are no matters, please let him go.”

The old eunuch’s wept. This bloody shameless cutsleeve was actually already starting to take notice of his young master’s body.

It was completely insane.

Xie Yunting kicked him away, as disgusted as when those youths came in.

When the old eunuch hugged him, his skin crawled with goosebumps.

He kicked Gao Jixiang away, but at a glance noticed Bai Weiwei’s ignorant face.

She didn’t seem to understand what his behavior meant.

She was always baring her fangs4 at him, but in fact she was still very young and innocent.

Bai Weiwei’s face was not good. “Why are you rubbing and touching me like this? Is it that difficult to choose a part to stick your knife into?”

Xie Yunting, seeing her clear and sharp eyes, felt a stab of guilt.

He actually wanted to test whether he would feel disgusted.

He found that the more he touched, the more he felt comfortable.

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability has increased to 5.】

Bai Weiwei: The favorability is rising more than I expected. Something’s wrong.

Xie Yunting cleared out the thoughts and restored his face of indifference.

“Isn’t the snow hunt in a few days? I came over to ask the emperor whether the body was holding up. Otherwise this official could go in your stead.”

Bai Weiwei looked at him and smiled coldly. “Ah-Ji, bring me my bow and arrow.”

Gao Jixiang looked at her, anxious, but still brought them.

Bai Weiwei grabbed the bow. Although the original’s body was weak, when she was a child she had learned archery for a period of time.

Her learning was not bad. It was just that her physical strength did not last long.

But pretending for a bit was alright.

Bai Weiwei pulled back the bow, her posture standard, her eyes sharp and bright.

At this moment, she was no longer as weak as a flower, but had an irresistible momentum.


The arrow shot out, plunging into the trunk of the plum tree, and the flowers fell to the ground.

She turned around and challenged him with an angry smile, cunning and full of wit.

“How about this, do you still think that we’re incapable?”

Her voice was still soft and pleasant to hear, but the words were aggressive.

A gust of wind blew, and the flowers fell. She stood amongst the petals, unexpectedly more delicate than the blossoms.

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability has increased to 10.】

Bai Weiwei, hearing the reminder, looking again at Xie Yunting with a bit of surprise.

This kind of favorability increase was a bit strange.

Xie Yunting suddenly came over, his voice mild. “This official did not know that the emperor had such a nimble body.”

Bai Weiwei saw that the expression in his eyes were suspicious. This fellow should not be this easily bent.

The favorability should be rising, but it shouldn’t be rising this quickly.

Suddenly Xie Yunting took a look at the snowman.

Xie Yunting must not die a good death.

Xie Yunting: “…”

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability is at 5, reduced by 5 points.】

Say his revolt was good, and his favorability would go up?

Why didn’t this fellow have any common sense5.

1: 虎视眈眈: glare like a tiger watching his prey; to eye covetously.

2. [Text of footnote 2]
2: 兔爷儿一个天一个地: Lord Rabbit figurines are traditional handicrafts from Beijing. Although it was historically used for worship, it’s now a popular children’s toy, commonly purchased during the Mid-Autumn Festival. According to a lot of different websites, Lord Rabbit is one of the symbols of Beijing’s heritage and culture (while the raws call it Tuo Ye’er, the actual Lord Rabbit is called Tuo’er Ye)

3: 视死如归: view death as a return home; face death with equanimity; to be unafraid of death. I’m not sure how this description fits his actions, so for now I’ve changed the term to something more fitting.

4: 张牙舞爪: bare fangs and brandish claws; to make threatening gestures.

5: 不按牌理出牌: not play cards according to common sense/rules.


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  1. Gao Jixiang pounced over as though he were ready to die and hugged Xie Yunting’s thigh. “Tai Fu daren, my master is just a child, ah, you are a powerful man. If there are no matters, please let him go.”


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