MGCH Chapter 293

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The Regent’s Little Emperor (18)

Going back to his residence, he furiously started going over the memorials. With the little emperor now an abandoned emperor, she had almost no right to access them.

These things that she should have done were all done by him.

And even if he gave them to her, with her arrogant but mediocre temperament, would there be any good suggestions?

He couldn’t help but reminisce about what happened, her noble appearance when she confidently drew her bow.

All the red plum blossoms were overshadowed by her smile.

Xie Yunting thought about it. He had never seen anyone who looked as good as the little emperor.

His fingers couldn’t help but knead his fingertips, where there seemed to be a trace of the softness of her fingers.

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability has increased to 10.】

Bai Weiwei eating in the palace: “…”

This brainless bent man Xie, she truly was unable to make heads or tails out of the favorability’s rise and fall.

She didn’t understand the otaku’s favorability.

She didn’t understand this bent man’s favorability.

She just reached this conclusion when she spotted the bent man Xie at the palace gate, swaggering in.

Halfway through the meal, she nearly choked to death.

Even if the both of them were living under the same roof, she was separated from his residence by several halls. Why did he come and go several times a day?

Following behind Xie Yunting was a row of eunuchs and palace girls. He came up, fully concentrated on him.

“This official came to invite the emperor to review the memorials.”

Bai Weiwei calmly stuffed a bite of a side dish into her mouth, indifferently responding, “Is this not Tai Fu’s matter?”

Xie Yunting saw that the dishes on her table were already cold, and the palace girls standing on the side did not heat up the stove for warmth.

The palace was so cold it chilled the bone, without even a bit of heat.

Although Bai Weiwei was sitting up straight, her face was white, as though she were freezing.

Xie Yunting’s face was dark. “Someone come.”

The eunuch who followed him came quickly. “Tai Fu, what are your orders?”

Xie Yunting’s eyes were icy. “What happened to the palace? No charcoal fire, no floor heating, who is the one at fault?”

The eunuch immediately fell to his knees. “Tai Fu, was this not your command, for the palace to be left like this, for us to not care?”

Who didn’t know that the little emperor was in poor health. The winter was cold, so as long as the little emperor didn’t have enough firewood, she would freeze. 

Over time, she would get a cold.

The little emperor would not only die on her own, but when the Tai Fu came into power, he would also be spared from the charge of murdering the last emperor of the previous dynasty.

When Bai Weiwei heard this, she looked at Xie Yunting in ridicule.

She smiled coldly.

“That’s enough. I don’t know what you have in mind, but why bother. Just have us thrown into the frozen pond, save the trouble of dirtying your hands.”

Xie Yunting listened, his chest feeling more and more suffocated.

He kicked the eunuch away. “Go down and repair the palace well, the food also must be up to standards. A bunch of slaves who lack eyes1, you must not want your eyes anymore.”

The eunuchs all promptly responded, immediately withdrawing to carry out the work.

Xie Yunting had been here several times before, coming and going. So it didn’t occur to him that on such a cold day, it would be so unbearable here.

He didn’t look at the little emperor, and the people around him were even more so.

So she actually reached the point where she would have gone through the winter without any charcoal fire.

Even if she was a stepping stone, she still shouldn’t have let the slaves insult her like this.

Xie Yunting thought back to his childhood, when he was abused by his legal mother who managed the household. Without any winter clothes to wear, and could only huddle in the kitchen to warm up that day.

Really living no better than a dog.

This little emperor had been living a life of luxury2 for many years, her temper raised to be noble since long ago.

The days she lived when he came and his childhood, what was the difference?

Bai Weiwei watched Xie Yunting take over3, making the palace warm as spring and having people change out her food.

She looked at him strangely.

She was even more certain that Xie Yunting was a bent man.

1: 长眼: long eye; refers to attention and care.

2: 锦衣玉食: brocade garments, jade meals.

3: 反客为主: the guest acts as host; to turn from passive to active behavior.


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