MGCH Chapter 297

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Proofreader/editor: Hali99

The Regent’s Little Emperor (22)

Xie Yunting suddenly dared not think about it.

He turned and hurriedly walked away.

He had assumed that the little emperor was mediocre, and believed that his succeeding the throne was inevitable and right.

But his belief started to waver.

Bai Weiwei looked at the pen in sorrow, “Slag goods rotten system, you’re deliberately pushing me on the road of death, ah. I could have eaten cookies1, be an eat and die2 waste emperor, then leisurely use love and beauty to reform Xie Yunting. Just play a new and fresh hidden palace love drama series, it’d be easy to get 100 points, now…”

The broken and rotten system dared not say a word.

“Now you’re forcing me to give up my beauty, and only use talent to conquer him.”

System: “Talent?”

Bai Weiwei touched her face. “To make Xie Yunting’s favorability rise, besides loving him, I have to be more awesome than him, more fearless than him, more talented as an emperor than him. He was impressed, and naturally, his favorability rose. But this road is too tiring.”

Pretending to be stupid and kind3, versus acting awesome and laughing from up high, the degree of labor is completely different.

The former was relaxing in an air-conditioned room with nothing to do but eat and wait to die, the latter was moving bricks in a construction site, in 40-degree weather, under the scorching sun.

The system couldn’t help asking: “What are you doing touching your face? is it itchy?”

Bai Weiwei pitifully touched her face, “No, just thinking that not being able to hook people with beauty, I’m somewhat not used to it. I’m so beautiful, why do I have to use that sour-smelling talent.”

System: “…”

The host’s skin is so thick, how could it think that she would be itchy.

Xie Yunting likely felt deterred by her talent; he didn’t even come to harass her. 

Bai Weiwei wasn’t anxious. She ate and drank, waiting for the opportunity to arrive.

The morning the snow hunt started, Bai Weiwei was urged to get up early by Gao Jixiang.

She put on hunting clothes, a fox fur cloak. Someone waited outside the door to pick her up.

It was Xie Yunting.

He stood outside in the snow and looked up to see her approaching.

Although her figure was dainty, her posture was incomparably tall and straight. Every movement held the bearing of an imperial family, elegance completely natural.

She saw him the expression in her eyes indifferent, cold, and without a trace of emotion.

“We’ve inconvenienced Tai Fu to come and receive us. The hunt today is simply going through the motions, all that is left is thanking4 Tai Fu for taking the trouble to do this.” 

Her greeting was neither cold nor warm, only polite and distant.

Xie Yunting thought that the past few days, he didn’t eat well or sleep well.

He tossed and turned at night, thinking of the little emperor’s magnificent appearance.

There has never been a person who could make him feel so anxious, but his subordinates reported.

The little emperor didn’t even have a bit of worry over his own fate.

She slept well and ate well, he didn’t allow other people to treat her harshly, and she was very leisurely.

Xie Yunting licked his lips, his face gloomy. “Asking the emperor to board the carriage.”

Bai Weiwei saw the horse standing on the side, “No need. What man would take a carriage when he ought to ride.”  

Bai Weiwei herself could ride a horse, and this body could also ride horses, so with a few steps, she stepped on the stirrups and easily climbed on the horse. 

Her movements were smooth and beautiful.

Then she took out the horsewhip, gave it a flick, then turned and dashed toward the palace gate.

Xie Yunting knew she couldn’t run away, but he didn’t know why, seeing her leave without any lingering feelings, his heart clenched.

Anxiety bubbled forth.

Before he knew it, he hastily mounted his horse and chased after her.

Pursuing her out the palace gate, he watched her figure from behind, continuing to move forward.

For some reason, he saw the illusion of chasing her without ever catching up.

Just when he was about to shout for someone to cut her off, Bai Weiwei suddenly pulled the reins and dismounted. 

Far off in the mountainside, the sun had just risen.

“Xie Yunting,” Bai Weiwei turned back, and suddenly laughed and called him.

Xie Yunting had already arrived at her side and was about to speak.

But she pointed her whip in front of her. “Do you see how beautiful this country can be?”

He looked up. Endless rays of gold spilled towards the palace exterior, continuing past the building, towards the green hills in the distance.

Xie Yunting’s eyes darkened.

1: 小甜饼: can describe cute men and women, cute animals, or super sweet/fluffy novels.

2: 混吃等死: mix/muddle along eat and wait to die; a term to describe someone who has nothing and does nothing. Usually people described this way lack the motivation to work/live.

3: 傻白甜: in this context, it describes a character who doesn’t scheme and is even a bit of a white (lotus), but is cute and meng and makes people feel warm when they see them. Can also describe a super sweet love story.

4: 有劳: a really polite manner of thanking someone, used after asking or receiving a favor.


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