MGCH Chapter 299

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The Regent’s Little Emperor (24)

The snow hunt was the imperial family’s biggest event at the end of the year.

Bai Weiwei shot down a wild boar as soon as it started.

And then she sat down, watching the civil court officials and military generals, like huskies taken off their leashes, cheerfully pursue their prey.

Sitting for a long time was boring, and her body was also weak. She began to doze off.

Xie Yunting returned with several dead foxes in hand and instructed people to skin them.

He saw the little emperor wearing fox-fur clothes, and thought she was especially cute and noble. When he saw the foxes, he couldn’t help but hunt them.

When he finished giving instructions, he saw the little emperor asleep in her seat.

Her delicate face, because of the charcoal fire burning next to her, was dyed red by the heat. Her beauty made his throat close tight.

That strange, burning feeling returned.

Xie Yunting had never been the type to run away.

So instead of running away, he approached her.

His fingers couldn’t help but touch her face. This smooth and soft feeling made his eyes darken further.

His hand slowly traced the curve of her neck, stroking lower inch by inch.

There was no disgust at all.

The restless burning in his body became even more apparent.

Seemingly disturbed, she opened her eyes, confused.

Her lips were slightly open, her voice soft and bewitching. “Tai Fu?”

Only then did Xie Yunting realized what he had done.

He released his grip as though shocked by electricity, and immediately retreated several steps, his breathing chaotic.

He turned around and left.

Bai Weiwei touched her neck. Just now, was Xie Yunting planning to strangle her?

For a moment, she quaked in fear.

And the far off Xie Yunting suddenly punched a tree.

“Unbelievable, this Bai Wei is simply a curse.”

He was clearly disgusted by the touch of other men.

Why was it that when it came to her, his body reacted every time?

Xie Yunting’s eyes were gloomy and icy cold.

She should have been his stepping stone, but now she seemed more and more like an obstacle that could affect him.

“Tai Fu, as you suspected, Zhao Wang led the army deep in the mountains beyond the hunting grounds.”

Xie Yunting turned towards the secret guard who had come to report.

Zhao Wang was the uncle of the little emperor, and originally had no connection with the throne1.

But when he succeeded in overthrowing the emperor and turned the captive little emperor into a puppet, this person was unable to stay calm.

As long as the little emperor was assassinated, the title of the emperor would naturally fall into the prince’s hands.

And in today’s snow hunt, the little emperor was the Xie Yunting’s bait to lure out Zhao Wang.

Killing Zhao Wang would reduce the forces outside the palace by more than half.

But treating her as bait meant she was in danger of losing her life.

Xie Yunting, thinking of the little emperor impaled by an arrow, his heart felt like it pricked by a needle, a pain he couldn’t draw out, the more it hurt, the colder his eyes were, “Proceed as planned,”

when he said this, his face remained hidden in the shadows.

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability has increased to 25.】

Bai Weiwei, who was eating snacks and yawning, heard the notification and raised her eyebrows.

This Xie Yunting must have randomly thought of something. She really didn’t do anything that would make his favorability rise.

This rise in favorability was not good.

The snow hunt smoothly finished, and Bai Weiwei made a final concluding statement.

She rewarded the officials who had caught the most prey, then patted her butt and prepared to return to the palace.

Xie Yunting came over, “Will the emperor still ride back to the palace?”

What was that about riding a horse like a man?

Bai Weiwei saw her carriage and was ready to step up.

Xie Yunting suddenly reached out and took her hand. “Your Majesty, be careful of bumps.”

She paused and looked back at him, her eyes clear and soft.

1: 亲王: prince of 1st rank; Chinese rankings are super complicated and way out of my capabilities but basically it’s a non-inheritable title given to the direct descendant (but non-heir) of an emperor (in this case, the original BWW’s grandfather). A qinwang’s ranking is second only to the emperor.

Cheese: when i looked up the translation for “to skin (a pelt)” i ended up getting “decorticate” and i was so ???? i wanted a simple word… not a spelling bee word………


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